Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Here’s Why Hair Extensions Boxes Should Be Customized

Gaining popularity in any field is hard. But if we talk about the cosmetic market, it’s another case. But equally hard. Hair extensions boxes and weaves have been a common thing of the past few decades. No wonder the market had a size of USD 5.8 billion.

It is easy to hop on the trend, but even harder to know what goes on behind the scenes. In today’s visual world, it is extremely important to meet consumer needs. A brand without it is looking for failure. If you are one of those, getting a packaging solution may be the way. How and why?

The answer to this question will be discussed in the following points.

Why Does Packaging Matter to Hair Product Companies?

When products are being shipped, they encounter situations where the quality is compromised. Similarly, when your product reaches its destination, the feeling of joy gets diminished if it is not properly presented.

You lose your chance of creating something lovable. Not just losing loyal consumers, but creating a bad first impression for those who are discovering your new launch.  For this integral part of first impressions, let’s talk about the last time you bought something without judging the outlook


How about never…? Exactly. No matter how much we say looks don’t matter, it’s the opposite. Judging a product by its cover. That’s the way it is and you can’t change someone’s mind. If you do, you might be playing yourself. To avoid such situations, here comes customized cosmetic packaging.

You can flourish your brand’s outlook with just a simple process. Requiring little to no effort on your part. Still don’t understand why a customized solution for hair extensions is vital? Here are three reasons you’ve been doing it wrong and why you should change.

Packaging That Makes You Unique

There are thousands of hair extensions launching every day. What’s separating you from others? Your product packaging.

Packaging is just packaging, it’s the inside that matters. Been thinking this way? See, that’s the reason your products don’t get the love they deserve.  40% of online and offline consumers are ready to pay more for quality. Surprising? Not for us.

Have you figured out the reason for your setback?

When you try to pay less attention to the outlook, the only thing left to do is prepare for no sales. When your hair extensions reach their destinations with problems, the consumer will put your brand under the red list. Which is totally not the way to gain loyal customers.

No? Here’s another reason.

Marketing Tools: Something You Didn’t Pay Attention

Your custom hair extension packaging solution is your gateway to success in a competitive world. Promotional values aren’t handled right away. Customers have to post their love for your product about a dozen times before someone decides to buy it. That’s the thing. You need to be in touch with your consumers and their needs.

If you chose to use a customized packaging solution for hair extensions, you might be lucky. Lucky enough to leave the customer hanging to try your brand. If your product doesn’t make the customer go WOW. Your packaging can. And the rush of emotions can create an impulse buying decision.

Take a moment to think about your favorite and renowned brands. What’s the first thing that pops in your mind? The memorable feeling of the product’s packaging. How it felt smooth and luxurious at a touch. Even though it cost a few dollars. But it made you stick around didn’t it?

And that is what happens when you use customized wholesale hair extension packaging solutions. Immediately being a beloved brand just for the packaging. It can pull an immediate reaction from the consumer, and in the end, your hair extensions are all sold out! With a little help from custom extension boxes.

Customized Packaging Gives You Recognition

In a store advertising campaign, how do you think everyone will recognize it’s you? If you use stock packaging with no customization what so ever, you are inevitably losing a part of your consumption rate.

This can take place when you don’t think over the packaging designs and their effect on people. When a normal beauty lover parts ways with your brand, they might think of your name as well as your looks. If you sincerely lack that, there is nothing to think about.

This makes your hair extensions look uninteresting. It can be harmful to a new brand.

When you are specifically trying to keep your brand in the spotlight. Custom hair extension boxes can help in this. With the custom logo options, you can adorn your boxes with different details and packing prints. Have a designed logo from illustrators that reels customers in instead of making them run away.

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