Why Android is So Admired? Explain its Significance in the Present Digital Age

Why Android is So Admired? Explain its Significance in the Present Digital Age


Android is the extensively utilized Mobile OS and has acquired so much popularity today that there is no place where Android is not used. Specifically popular with Smartphones, Android boosts most smartphone applications without the reinforcement of any third-party applications. In fact, due to the advent of Android, life has become much easier and quite well-developed through these applications. Now, you get everything right from weather updates, the latest news, sending e-mails, messaging, video chatting, conference calls, downloads, navigation, deals, nearby locations, and entertainment via this advancement. So, it’s genuinely a boon for mankind. From a career perspective, it’s booming at a rapid rate. If you are interested in establishing your career in this field, obtaining Android Online Training will be the best for you.

Let’s now proceed further, and know more about this advancement.

Why Android has Become so Popular?

Android officially owned by Google, is basically a Linux-based Operating System designed for touchscreen mobile phones. There are numerous Android devices available in the market in the present scenario. Huge establishments like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are a few of the main competitors that make extensive utilization of the Android platform in their devices. One of the significant features of this operating system is that it holds the ability to customize the code.

In fact, Android phones offer quite a real-life experience to the end-user. It further helps in faster multitasking and offers quite better system performance by enhancing memory, improved touchscreen, unique design, quick response and ease of use these are some of the highlighting features that gained Android its popularity.

The Assumption Rate of Android in Smartphones and other Devices

Well, there’s no doubt that Android is the most used mobile OS currently. As of July 2013, approximately 1 million Android Apps were published in the Google Play store and there were around 50 billion downloads of only Android Apps. Therefore, selling figures depict that Android devices were hugely sold in 2012, 2013, and 2014 compared to any other mobile devices.

Recently, Google revealed that there were approximately 540 million active users (who were extensively utilizing the Android mobile for the last 30 days) in 2013 which eventually rose to almost 1 billion by 2014. A developer survey conducted in the year; May 2013 expressed that 75% of mobile developers developed utilizing Android OS.

Well, till the year, December 2019, the market share of Android OS stood at 74% of the total market. Android’s competitor, iOS was at the second most position in the list with a market share of 24%.

Among numerous Android versions, Android 9.0 Pie witnessed the most market share with a total percentage of 41.86 (January 2020). 8.1 Oreo stands in the second position.

The Open-Source Linux Community therefore allow developers to develop robust and innovative applications utilizing the latest mobile technologies.

Well, Android is not only extensively used in the field of smartphones, but it has also acquired popularity in numerous other areas like Gadgets (for instance, a wristwatch that incorporates MP3 player, GPS tracker, breath and heartbeat rate), Home Appliances (for example, television, refrigerators, washing machine etc), and Automobiles (example, carmakers have also designed Android-based Infotainment systems that have voice-controlled navigation system, browser and an app store)

Future Scope of Android

To survive in the present digital age, businesses must get familiar with rapidly evolving trends in Android application development. In fact, by next year, android application development will eventually grow faster as the world accepts the latest technologies.

Additionally, user behaviour and market demand for Android apps often swap. Well, being up to date with the latest trends is quite important if you want to accelerate the reach of your business via mobile apps.

If we look at the statistics, users around the globe have downloaded nearly 7.9 million apps from the Apple Store and 28 billion apps from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, there are nearly about 7.1 billion app users worldwide.

Whereas its future scope is concerned, numerous professionals predict that numerous applications will be built utilizing technologies like machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics. In this same way, Android app developers will also offer a more optimized personalized experience to users.

In fact, future applications will also end up integrating numerous AI features like- text, image classification, voice recognition, predictive maintenance, face detection, etc.


From the information listed above, it’s quite clear that Android has taken up the market, and doing exceedingly well. It is in fact, one of the booming fields that has a place for skilled and knowledgeable developers. So, to get started in this direction professionally, you must get associated with a proper Android Training Institute in NoidaThis way, you will get the opportunity to know its every minute details from a trustworthy source. With this valuable certification in hand, you will also get a higher salary package as well. So, obtaining its training will be a boon for you in numerous ways.

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