What to ask at a discovery call to find the best SEO agency?

What to ask at a discovery call to find the best SEO agency?

We recommend that you choose an SEO agency who is responsible for the conversions, and not just vanity metrics such as traffic or social media shares.

We know that these SEO agencies can be hard to find, so we wrote this guide to help you to make an informed choice. We’ll go over five questions to ask an SEO agency when you hop on a call for a discovery.

This guide is meant to be an alternative to the generic “guides” that are available on the Internet. They give advice such as “consider your needs” or “study the team.” This is something you probably already knew. These questions should help you choose the best SEO agency.

How do you set your prices?

Rivo Rank, our SEO agency, was built around these criteria. We base our SEO strategy on the buying intent of users, not just search volume. This allows us to convert those who have already searched for your product. Consider a discovery call to find out more about the process.

What are the best ways to generate conversions for your business?

The difference between a good and bad SEO agency is whether or not they are able to generate sales, as opposed to just reporting on rankings and traffic. It is important to remember that while rankings and traffic are great, the goal of your business should be for people to purchase it.

The ability of an agency to convert is heavily dependent on the keywords that they target. Their SEO strategy.

This is the industry standard when it comes to developing a SEO strategy:

  • Use a SEO tool such as Ahrefs
  • Keywords with low difficulty and high volume of searches are the best to target.
  • These keywords can be entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

This strategy has a problem because high-volume terms tend to appear at the top of the funnel, which means that people who search for them aren’t yet ready to purchase and will need to go through a lengthy sales funnel.

If you are selling high volume construction software, the top funnel keywords could be: “What is construction software?” and “What are the benefits of building software?”

Although these keywords may be popular, they are not likely to lead people to your product. Construction software is not yet appreciated by the public.

Compare this with bottom of the funnel keywords such as “best construction” or “construction software for contractors.” These keywords are used by people who want to make a purchase. Create a message that addresses the pain points of your audience and shows how you are better than competitors.

These bottom of the funnel keywords, which have an average keyword difficulty below 10, are responsible for most of a site’s conversions. You can easily rank for these in just two to three months.

If you find out that a SEO agency bases their keyword strategy on volume, we recommend you steer clear. Their proof of SEO’s success will likely consist of displaying a graph showing how the number of website visitors has increased over time and not the real conversion rate after the article was published.

How do you write your content?

During your call, we recommend that you also learn more about the writing process of an SEO agency.

Many SEO companies use what is called the “ChatGPT” writing strategy. They will type in the keyword that they want to target into Google and then scan the entire first page of content. Then, they rewrite the article, and upload it on your site.

It is impossible to be a thought leader and pioneer in your field if your content has the same sound as everyone else, and offers only superficial arguments and advice.

During your discovery call we recommend asking about the SEO agency’s process for writing content. It’s best to choose another agency if an SEO agency doesn’t have a clear process for writing content, or if they openly admit to using a ChatGPT strategy.

An SEO agency would interview you in order to better understand your company, then survey customers and use their products to learn about the pain points they have. They should also try your own product as well as those of your competitors, before writing articles rather than copying what’s on Google’s first page.

When we began working with MightyForms, an online form creator, we conducted a video conference with its founder and asked him countless questions, such as what made it different from the competition and the pain points that users were experiencing prior to purchasing his form maker.

We were able to create unique content by identifying the pain points of our customers and demonstrating that we didn’t need them to use basic form builders such as Google Forms. This was not just copying what was found in SERP.

Can you create backlinks for my site?

The importance of backlinks is a ranking factor, as they represent votes of confidence in your website. Backlinks make it easier for your site to be ranked in Google’s search results, since they give you more authority.

You’ll want to hire an SEO company to build links to your site, as it will allow you to beat out competitors who are trying to rank the same keywords.

We’ve noticed that most SEO companies don’t use a strategy for building backlinks. The SEO agencies will publish the content, and then hope other websites will link to it. It’s hard to have other websites link back to you organically if you don’t publish the most recent industry news, or unless your content revolutionizes your industry.

During discovery calls you should ask how the agency will build backlinks for your site. The SEO agency you choose should have contacts in your field, and they will be able to use these relationships to get websites to link to your site once the content is published.

The criteria that SEO firms use to build backlinks should be expanded. If you have a lot of low-quality, spammy links on your site, it will not only cost money but also hurt your ranking.

Do you have any case studies or references?

We recommend that you dive deeper into the case studies and testimonials of SEO agencies during discovery calls.

Investigate the details of the time it took for the agency to fully understand the product of the client, the number of pieces of content they published each month, the articles that generated the highest conversion rate, and the value received by the client in comparison to the retainer fee.

You should also try to contact these clients to gain a deeper understanding of your expectations. They are willing to share their experiences with you, including what they enjoyed about the SEO agency and any sticking points.

How do you set your prices?

You don’t need to choose the lowest priced SEO company you find on Upwork or Fiverr, even though it will depend largely on your budget. They will copy-paste AI content on to your site. These agencies are known for using black-hat SEO tactics that could get your website penalized by Google.

Our experience has shown that a decent SEO agency will start at around $2,000 per monthly package. This includes a website review, an SEO bottom-of the-funnel strategy, 3 or 4 high-quality articles and some backlinks from authority websites.

If you are a SaaS start-up and bootstrapping your business, a marketing agency charging around $2,000 per monthly can deliver good results if they satisfy all of the above criteria.

Certain boutique SEO agencies, which specialize in specific fields can charge as much as $10,000 per month. If you are looking for a more specific SEO service and have a larger budget, these services might be worth considering.

Rivo Rank is a SaaS SEO company that takes on the responsibility of conversions

Asking these questions will allow you to determine if the agency you are considering reports conversions, or only traffic.

Consider booking a discovery call with our agency if you are looking for a Saas SEO Agency that will take responsibility for your conversions. You’ll be guided through the entire conversion-based process of SEO and we will answer all your questions.

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