Home Business What are Best Ideas to Surprise Your Childhood Friend on Birthday?

What are Best Ideas to Surprise Your Childhood Friend on Birthday?

What are Best Ideas to Surprise Your Childhood Friend on Birthday?

Friendship is the most beautiful and pious bond of all. It is the start of all relationships. Everyone craves the friendship kind of bond. Friends are actually the chosen family. They are the people with whom we can be ourselves and share everything. Life is incomplete without friends.

We get friends in every walk and phase of our life starting from childhood. But it is always special and different when it comes to a first friend. First friendship or childhood friendship is very special, and so is the bond in between. But with time we lose touch with that first friend and move forward in our lives. There are only a few people who are fortunate enough to be in touch with their childhood friend. The memories that we had with our childhood friend fade away with time.

But at some point of life when we look back, we find that time has drifted us apart. In this chaotic world, this childhood friendship is like a melodious song which takes us away from the filth of the world. Life becomes easy with friends.
If you also have someone with whom you have this friendship and somehow you have drifted apart but want to reconcile and live those days once again, then why not surprise them on their birthday and start a new bond with them?

Here we have curated a list of a few ideas that you can use to surprise your friend on his or her birthday.

A bouquet and chocolate combo-

Sending a bouquet is the best way to start your friendship on a new note. You can get a variety of options in flowers these days. You can pick from carnations, lilies, roses, tulips, whatever your friend loves.  Also, mix and match these flowers and make a customized bouquet. Accompanying a box of chocolate with the bouquet might remind them of the time that you both have spent together. Chocolates are everyone’s favorite and can be the best thing to bring sweetness to your relationship. With a variety of chocolates available on the market, you have the option to experiment with different chocolates, or you can choose those chocolates that you were both used to having in your childhood. You can send gifts to India from the USA via an online delivery service.

A greeting card-

Adding a greeting card in the list of surprises for your childhood friend will remind them of your old school days. Greetings cards were very famous in those days when there were no mobile phones. It was considered the best way to wish each other on festivals and birthdays. These days there are a variety of cards available for every occasion and for every person, including birthdays. You can pick them up from the market or make it on your own. There are a number of tutorials available on youtube and the internet from which you can take inspiration and make a greeting card for your friend. A hand-made card is always better than a ready-made one. You can even pen down your feelings and send it to your childhood friend on his or her birthday. You can accompany this greeting card with other gifts as well.


Talking about birthdays and not including cake in it feels so incomplete. In whichever age group you and your friend lie, you cannot deny the fact that cake is your ultimate favorite. The cake cutting ceremony on birthdays is the highlight of the day. So you can send a cake as a surprise gift to your childhood friend on his or her birthday. These days there are various options available in cake from traditional cake to customised cake. You can even get a photo cake and imprint your childhood picture with your friend on it. They will be surprised to receive this gift. It will feel their hearts with warmth and love. You can also order and buy cake online. Online shopping and gifting websites have free delivery options which are convenient if your friend is far from you.

True friends are a blessing, and you don’t have to do a lot to impress them. Small but honest gestures are enough to reignite the passion in your friendship. Staying in touch with each other and having each other’s back is the backbone of friendship. If you have such friends, then keep them safe. I hope you liked and found the article helpful.



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