Thursday, October 28, 2021

Wet Basement Repairs, Foundation Cracks, and Waterproofing Basement Walls

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When you have a Basement crack, there can be so many different things to repair that it can feel overwhelming. It is a good idea to hire a specialist, such as a structural engineer, to assess the situation and give you a plan of action. Without an overall strategy, you will most likely end up with a patchwork of solutions that genuinely fail to solve the water damage problem. This is much like treating the symptoms of an illness without addressing the cause of the problem.

Foundation crack repairs can become quite involved, but they only get worse if left alone. The small cracks turn into significant gaps, and the damage can spread to the entire house. After all, the foundation supports the rest of the house!

If you notice water leaking from the corner where the floor meets the wall, you have several options for fixing it. One solution is to install unique diverting panels that catch the leaking water and divert it from the basement. For many people, this is the best problem solver.

A more drastic but permanent remedy for a Basement waterproofing t is digging out the soil around the house, waterproofing the walls, and repairing any cracks. It is possible to apply a liquid solution to the walls, which seals them from water. This rubber solution penetrates the actual cement and does a great job at waterproofing.

You can also apply waterproof boarding to the walls and divert any water away from the house. This works well when there is no other way to change the water coming toward the house.

Once the walls are sealed and cracks are repaired, the soil can be returned. At this point, you may choose to dig a trench around the house and install drain tiles or French drains. This works very well if properly installed and maintained.

When you get right down to it, doing wet basement repairs is work and always will be. Unfortunately, there is no magic paint that you can apply to make it go away. I have seen a case where a so-called contractor painted basement floor paint over wet cement that usually had standing water on it! A virtual spring in the basement poured water into the house daily, yet he tried to cover it with paint!

This particular house needed a basement sump pump and French drains badly. It was also required to have the grade changed so water would stop draining toward the house. I was amazed at how much denial there was to the cause of the problem.

The entire house smelled of mold, mildew, and a musty basement odor. Finally, after several weekends of removing wet carpets, wallpaper, water-damaged wood, and cleaning up black mold, we were able to begin the process of getting rid of the water in the basement.

It was surprising how much better the house felt. The air was cleaner, the owners’ headaches went away, and the nasty odors were less offensive.

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