Valentine Roses: Match The Colours With Their Meanings For The Ultimate Celebration Of Love!

Valentine Roses: Match The Colours With Their Meanings For The Ultimate Celebration Of Love!

Prior to Valentine’s Day, let’s discuss the different meanings of different colour roses for the carnival of love. Although Valentine’s Day is mainly associated with romance, but the story isn’t so. It is about celebrating love in its diverseness. While you can avail Valentine Roses Delivery to impress your partner, you can also send roses to your loved ones. Yes, roses are the most popular gifts for the season of love that help express love beautifully. There’s something incredibly magical about sending roses on Valentine’s Day. Such surprises are cherished for years to come when you take hearts away with velvety roses.

Roses come in a variety of rich shades for the matter. The most interesting aspect about roses is that every colour has its own meaning for the matter. The velvety roses can be gifted to all your near and dear ones to tell them how much you love them. All you need to do is know the meanings that are popularly associated with the colours to put it precisely. It then becomes easier to select the bunch as per the meaning. We are here to tell you about the symbolic meanings of the delicate and dazzling shades of the rose.

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White Roses:

White roses are generally associated with new beginnings for the matter. This is the reason why you will find white roses in the hands of a new bride during her wedding. White stands for innocence and purity and are also used to express sympathy.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses are associated with joy and gratitude to be precise. It is the next most popular roses to that of red roses. Pink roses have a much gentler essence in comparison to red roses. Pink roses are known to convey sweetness, innocence, grace and elegance.

Red Roses:

This is the conventional flower of love and romance. Red roses are the most popular flower during the season of love and romance. It conveys deepest emotions, passion and love. Red roses are incredibly charming and top the list of the best Valentine’s Day flowers online.

Yellow Roses:

Yellow roses are not as intense as the orange roses to put it precisely. It essentially conveys sunny exuberance for the matter. Yellow rose stands as a symbol of friendship, warmth and care. The yellow rose unlike the red one, doesn’t carry any romantic undertone to be precise.

Blue Roses:

This is one rose that isn’t obtained naturally for the matter. But the blue rose has obtained immense popularity in no time whatsoever. The blue colour is achieved with the help of dyes through different techniques. It is associated with something unobtainable and mysterious.

Orange Roses:

The fiery colour of orange is truly striking to say the least. It conveys intense passion and energy for the matter. Be it about expressing passion, or desire, the orange rose can be used. It isn’t as romantic as the red rose, but the orange rose has its own charm for the matter.

Green Roses:

The roses are not pure green for the matter. The shade is much on the cooler side to put it precisely. Though green roses are difficult to find, but still these are loved immensely for the matter. Green roses are considered as harmonious flowers that stand as a symbol of fertility, nature, good health and new life.

Lavender Roses:

Lavender is the colour of enchantment to put it precisely. It is the colour of love at first sight. The lavender rose is simply magical to say the least. The lavender rose that is on the deeper shade is known to signify majesty. The lighter shade of the lavender rose conveys fascination for the matter.

These are some of the popular colour roses and the meanings that are associated with them. Roses truly make it under the most popular, most loved and the best Valentine’s Day gifts India. The majesty, the splendour and the magnificence of beautiful roses is simply mesmerising to say the least. This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to spread love by gifting gorgeous bunch of roses to all your loved ones!

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