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You have landed on this page to find the types of Split Tunneling. Here, we will cover all the points that you might be searching for.

First, we will cover what is split tunneling and later we cover the types of split tunneling. You will also get to know about the pros and cons of Split tunneling.

Types of Split Tunneling

What is Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling in a VPN is a precocious feature that gives you substantially more command over what information you encode and sends through a VPN Server, and what information goes through the quicker, decoded open web.

You must have heard about slowing down the internet speed while using a VPN Server. The reason behind this is a VPN encrypts your data while being a mediator between you and the Internet creating a safer connection as the VPN connection acts in your place.

Not all the VPNs have a split tunneling feature but Surfshark VPN has it. To get Surfshark VPN at an affordable price apply this Surfshark VPN Coupon Code.

Split Tunneling works the other way round. It allows you to have two connections at a time. One connection is secured by the VPN and the other connection is an open connection to the internet.

This helps you to protect and secure your informative data from getting hacked as well as the internet does not slow down. In other words, Split tunneling allows you to course a portion of your application or device traffic through VPN, while different applications or devices have direct admittance to the web.

Types of Split Tunneling

Split Tunnelling has three distinguished types:

  1. URL- based Split Tunneling: as the name suggests, it allows you to choose which URLs you want to be encrypted by the VPN server, which is most probably conducted through the process of a browser extension.
  2. App-based Split tunneling: as we all know that a VPN works on an operating system level, unlike a proxy server. Hence, according to VPN protocols, it will protect and secure all the applications present on your device. App-based Split Tunneling lets you choose among the apps which application is to be undergoing the secure VPN network and which is not.
  3. Inverse Split Tunneling: It works in a contrary way. While these initial two types course everything through the open organization naturally and you can pick which applications and URLs you need to be directed through your VPN, with reverse split tunneling, all traffic is consequently sent through the VPN except if you indicate something else.

These are the three major types of Split Tunneling. Now let us discuss a few reasons why we should use Split Tunneling and why not. Also, Hola VPN is one of the best VPN that provides split tunneling features. By applying this Hola VPN promo code you can get this at a discounted price.

Pros or Advantages of Split Tunneling:

  • As discussed above; Split tunneling improves the internet speed by allowing you to consider choosing which application will go through the secured network or not.
  • Two connections at a time: so you can get onto your corporate network or an unfamiliar network while likewise staying associated with your local network. This implies you don’t need to continue interfacing and separating your VPN.
  • It lets you download anything without hampering your browsing speed.
  • You can easily watch or stream foreign movies or geo obstructed streaming sites along with local search results.
  • It works on Local Area Network(LAN). When you access the internet using VPN, it might block the LAN but with the help of Split Tunneling, you can easily have access to the local printers via your local area network.
  • It preserves your bandwidth. At the point when split tunneling is empowered, the traffic that would have been secured by the VPN, which is probably going to communicate all the more leisurely, is sent through the other passage. Directing traffic through a public organization can improve execution because no encryption is important

Cons or Disadvantages Split Tunneling:

  • Setting up of this should be done in a revised and secured manner. If not done properly, it can easily let the hackers intrude on your private space and misuse the information that would land you in trouble.
  • If the employee of a company is using a less secure or protected network, it might risk the security of corporate systems. Ever heard about a system of the company being hacked by the black hats? They also ask for a huge amount of money to retrieve the data back which again is a fraud. Hence, using a secured network by everyone is a mandate.
  • The employers lose the authority or power of having control over what the employees are browsing.

Let’s Wrap Up- Types Of Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is offered as a feature in the VPN by the VPN service providers such as ExpressVPN, SurfShark, and NordVPN. One should use split tunneling only if they want the surfing speed to be increased or if you are living overseas and want to stream shows of your country or connecting to a LAN.

The different types of split tunneling let you access it in three different ways, therefore, making it convenient for the user to choose according to their own needs and wants.

VPN split tunneling can be a great method of keeping your delicate information secure without calling back your web speeds. Yet, it makes your traffic less private than utilizing a VPN for everything, as not all your online activities will be ensured.

Thus, if online security is your principal concern, you ought to likely avoid split tunneling and simply utilize your VPN for all your traffic. Yet, on the off chance that you don’t want to encrypt without question, all that you do and you simply need a bit of added insurance without undermining your heap times, split tunneling is most certainly worth a go.

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