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Trapezium – A shape having several properties


Different shapes surround us and the majority of them have a definite shape and size. We study various shapes in our academics because of their application in the real world. Every student should have a good command of the concepts related to a few of the basic shapes. One such shape that is of great importance to study and comprehend is a trapezium. There are many crucial properties of trapezium, few of them are like the area of trapezium and perimeter. Let us look closely into this shape for a better understanding of it.


It is a two-dimensional shape and is formed by connecting four lines but unlike in rectangle and square they do not intersect each other at ninety degrees. A trapezium always has a pair of opposite sides parallel to each other and the parallel sides in a trapezium are referred to as the base. It consists of a total of four corners as well as the same number of sides. People can easily observe this shape around them. A trapezium is also classified into various categories depending on the size of the lengths of the legs of the trapezium or the angle they form. They are mainly three types and are known as an isosceles trapezium, right trapezium, and scalene trapezium. Now let us discuss a few of the properties of the trapezium.

Properties of trapezium

Properties of shape are unique and different from others. Properties are the major thing that divides any two shapes into two different. A trapezium is a shape that has many unique properties. The first thing that we all know is that it is a two-dimensional shape consisting of four sides. Diagonals of a trapezium are always found out to be equal in length when measured. Thus, one can say that both the diagonals of a trapezium are equal in length. One more important point to note about the diagonals of a trapezium is that they always intersect each other. Angles are a crucial point of every shape, and play a huge role in determining the properties of a shape. In trapezium, when we sum all the interior angles, the sum is always equal to 360 degrees only. Similarly, the sum of the interior angles that are adjacent to each other is always equal to 180 degrees. All of these properties are of great importance and every student should be aware of them. Now let us discuss one crucial concept of trapezium, which is the area of a trapezium.

Area of trapezium

To calculate the area of a trapezium, we always first calculate the average of the bases and then multiply the average calculated with the altitude of the trapezium. Let us take an example for a better understanding of it. Suppose we are given the lengths of two bases of the trapezium be a and b. Also, let us take the altitude of the trapezium as h. Now first we will add both the values of the bases, that is a + b, then divide it by two. After performing these steps, we will get (a+b)/2. In the final step, we just have to multiply the altitude (h) by (a+b)/2. Thus, the final equation to get the area of trapezium will look like h*(a+b)/2. In this way, anyone can easily calculate the area of a trapezium.


In the above article, we have tried to cover all the crucial concepts related to the shape properties of trapezium. Students nowadays can take the help of online platforms for an understanding of such topics. Cuemath is one of the best online platforms that explains such math-related topics to students with ease so that they can be successful in their academics.

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