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Top tips and tricks to remove grease stains

One of the most annoying stains that we experience in our daily life is grease stains. Moreover, the fact is that such stains can stick anywhere and look ghastly. If left unattended, then the stain can get stubborn and hence, become difficult to remove. Whether the stain occurs on our clothing, wall, kitchen countertop, or tiles; is removal should be your top priority.

First of all, you need not panic. Multiple ways are available to tackle the problem. And you need not run after expensive products for the same. Simple household ingredients and products can help wipe away the stubborn oil or grease stain from multiple surfaces.

Let us consider removal of grease stains from clothes:

·        Dish liquid/shampoo

Both are great products when it comes to the removal of grease stains from your favourite piece of cloth. You can use your hair shampoo also for the effective removal of grease marks from the clothing. Simply, cover the affected area with dishwashing liquid or shampoo. If you want you can dilute the soapy solution with water and rub it on the spot of stain. Then scrub it using an old toothbrush. If your garment is coloured, then scrubbing should not be done roughly.

·        Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most easily found ingredients on your kitchen shelf. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and soak the affected area of your garment in the solution. After 5 minutes, take out the garment from the solution and wash with detergent and water to allow vinegar out of the fabric.

·        Stain remover

You can easily spot stain removers in the market. The process is simple. You can directly pour the contents of the stain remover into the affected area and scrub it with an old toothbrush or fabric scrubber. Then wash with water to see the results.

·        Baby powder

One of the most effective solutions to remove oil stains from clothes is to sprinkle baby powder on the affected area. Before sprinkling the powder, try to blot the grease on tissue paper as much as possible. Let the powder sit on the fabric for some time. Use a spoon to remove the powder from the cloth. In the process, the stain will come out with the powder. To complete the procedure, use a detergent and clean the area to see the results.

Removing grease stains from stovetop:

·        Baking Soda

Another effective and easily found ingredient in the kitchen is baking soda. Cover the affected area on the stovetop with water and then use baking soda on top of it. Use a damp towel to rub it. Also, adding baking soda to the dishwashing liquid can be a great agent used for treating the stain on the stovetop.

Removing grease stains from kitchen tiles and walls:

·        Lemon

Lemon can be directly used on the affected area of the tiles. Often while cooking, the backsplash on the wall and tiles can give a ghastly look. The stain will become stubborn if left unattended. It will attract dirt and become difficult to remove. Using a lemon directly on such a surface will help to cut the grease or oil stains. So, allow the lemon juice to directly hit the surface and sit for a couple of minutes. Use a damp cloth to remove the lemon juice and you will notice that the grease stains are also gone.

Removing grease stains from table linen:

·        Chalk

You can easily find chalk in the market. Simply, rub it directly on the table linen that has the grease stain on it. The chalk is powerful enough to absorb the stain. This is a process that can be followed before laundering the table linen.

Removing grease stains from cast iron skillet:

·        Club soda

Cleaning cast iron pans and pots is a task in itself. The stubborn stains that stick to the vessels are difficult to remove. While the pan is still warm, pour club soda on it. The bubbles of the soda act as a clearing agent and keep the vessels clean.

Removing grease stains from the carpet:

·        Corn starch

Carpets often have to bear the brunt of spillage. And if the spilt item contains oil or grease, then it may leave a stain on your expensive carpet. But do not worry because corn starch can give effective results and help to get rid of the problem. Sprinkle corn-starch on the affected area and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area and you will notice that the stain is gone.

Removing grease stains from the floor:

·        Lemon:

It is a messy situation to face grease stains in and around the house. It is not an ideal habit to leave the oil stain on the floor for a long time, especially if you have pets and children around. Immediate action is a necessity to avoid any untoward situation. You can directly use the lemon juice on the affected area. Then wipe it with a warm damp cloth and the floor will be rid of grease stain.

·        Liquid soap

One of the best ways to get rid of the oil stains on the floor is to use a soap-water solution. Scrub the area with a scrubber dipped in the soapy solution. It will act as an effective tip to remove the grease or oil stains on the floor.

Final thoughts

You may have to deal with such problems daily also. You have to cook daily and facing such an issue in the kitchen is a normal procedure while the process is in progress. Ensure to take immediate action so that the stubbornness of the stain can be avoided. Moreover, the stain can get permanent too if left unattended on clothes for a long time. So, it is better to avoid such situations and take action while the grease stain is in its initial stages. Warm water treatment is also an effective way to deal with grease stains on a lot of surfaces.

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