Top Summer Adventures In Kashmir: Skiing, Snowboarding, And More

Top Summer Adventures In Kashmir: Skiing, Snowboarding, And More

Kashmir is a heaven of surreal beauty that captivates visitors throughout the year. Lets explore the top summer adventures in Kashmir focusing on the sudden delights of skiing. While it is famous for its winter wonderland, summer unveils a different side of Kashmir.

That is firstly filled with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and thrilling sports. In this blog from Tokashmir, we’ll explore the top summer joys like thrills of skiing and snowboarding. It further offers a number of other activities. That meanwhile promise to make your summer trip truly enjoyable.

1: Summer Skiing in Gulmarg

The Gateway to Apharwat Peak Gulmarg is a scenic hill station. It is not only a winter haven for skiers but also a summer delight. This is centre point of summer adventures in Kashmir for tourists.

The Apharwat Peak, reachable via the Gulmarg Gondola, the highest cable car in the world. It further offers a stunning backdrop for summer skiing lovers. That is among the lush green meadows and charming mountain views. The skiing experience during the summer months is nothing short of magical.

The Unique Blend Unlike local winter skiing is summer skiing in Gulmarg. It offers a unique blend of snow and greenery. Freshers can take advantage of this chance to learn the ropes.

While expert skiers can revel in the thrill of skiing against a backdrop of vibrant landscapes. The summer skiing season mainly kicks off in May and extends until early July. That meanwhile provide ample time for skiers to carve their way through the snow.

2: Snowboarding in the Meadow of Flowers – Pahalgam

Aru Valley’s change Pahalgam, known as the Meadow of Flowers. It goes through a charming change during the summer months.

Aru Valley, a short drive from Pahalgam, is a playground for snowboarders. As the snow persists at higher levels, Aru Valley offers a surreal setting. That further attracts both novice and expert snowboarders to indulge in their passion.

The Scenic Thrill Picture yourself snowboarding against a backdrop of snow capped peaks and alpine meadows. It’s the scenic thrill further awaiting thrill seekers in Pahalgam.

It is a unique experience of riding the slopes while among the vibrant hues of nature. That meanwhile adds an extra layer of thrill to the snowboarding adventure.

3: White Water Rafting in Lidder River

The Himalayan Rush For those seeking aquatic thrills, white water rafting in the Lidder River. It is an absolute must.

Coming out from the huge Himalayan ranges, the Lidder River offers an thrilling journey with rapids. That ranges from moderate to hard. Above all, they cater to both freshers and expert rafters.

Pahalgam’s Base Camp Pahalgam serves as the base for white water rafting expeditions. That are taken on the Lidder River.

The journey takes campers further through dense pine forests, quaint regions, and scenic landscapes. That meanwhile prove a perfect blend of thrills and natural beauty. The sound of rushing water and the stunning vistas make this rafting experience truly enjoyable.

4: Trekking in the Meadow of Gold – Sonamarg

A Trekker’s heaven Sonamarg, translating to the Meadow of Gold, beckons trekkers during the summer months. Among the huge glaciers and pristine lakes, Sonamarg offers a number of trekking routes.

That further caters to various levels of skills. The Thajiwas Glacier trek is a famous choice for freshers. They offers stunning views of snow capped peaks and the Thajiwas River.

Gangbal Lake Challenge For expert trekkers, the trek to Gangbal Lake is little hard. But it is further an immensely rewarding trek.

Its pristine glacial lake, among the alpine meadows, firstly stands as a proof to nature’s grandeur. The sense of finishing upon winning this hard trek is stunning.

5: Paragliding in Mini Gulmarg – Sanasar

The Mini heaven Sanasar, often known as the mini Gulmarg, is a hidden gem for paragliders. Nestled near Patnitop, Sanasar offers charming views of the nearby mountains and lush green meadows. The proper wind flow and stunning landscape make it ideal for this during the summer months.

Soaring Above Kashmir Whether you are an expert paraglider or a first timer. Feel the experience of soaring through the skies and see the beauty of Kashmir from above.

It is bound to be a memory etched in your mind forever. The unique aspect of the landscape, gets mixed with the thrill of flight. Above all, it creates an experience that passes the usual.


Further, Kashmir, is often known for its winter charm. It unveils a unique but equally charming side during the summer months.

You may enjoy from skiing in Gulmarg’s summer snow to the thrill of snowboarding in Pahalgam. Kashmir’s summer adventures promise a perfect blend of thrill and natural beauty.

Raft through the rapids of the Lidder River and trek amidst meadows of gold in Sonamarg. Moreover, soar above the mini heaven of Sanasar.

Each adventure adds a new layer to the charm of Kashmir’s allure. So, gear up, embrace the thrill, and let summer adventures in Kashmir unfold before you. Its a journey that offers not just adventure but a lifetime of pleasant memories.

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