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Top Places To Visit For Trekking Around The World

Many people think of trekking as just traveling. But they must know that trekking is not confined to traveling or walking a long distance. Trekking is a thrilling and beautiful experience that lets you explore beautiful places. While traveling through a car or bus, you are not able to see the scenarios and views from close due to limited time. But if you decide to go on trekking by yourself, you will enjoy the beauty of nature closely and explore its hidden treasure.

When To Visit For Trekking

Not every season is good for trekking. While planning your journey to trek, you must go through the several factors of that particular region. When you are starting to think about planning your trekking journey, you must first check your work schedule. It is better to plan your journey during December global holidays as it will be the world’s holiday month, and you will find different aspects of a trek to explore.

Likewise, not every hill, mountain, and forest are worth trekking. Before deciding on your trekking site, go through our list of trekking sites around the world. We have picked the top treks for you to make your journey memorable and enjoyable.

The Green Ocean Walk

If you are not planning for mountains or high-situated areas, then trekking in coastal plains will be the best option for you to choose. The Green Ocean Walk is situated in Victoria, Australia, and the trek roads here stretch to approx 100 km. While trekking in these coastal areas, you will come across various gum forests, plants like Eucalyptus, green pastures, rocky or sandy beaches, cliffs, and dunes. Almost 7 to 9 days are sufficient for trekking in this region.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

This trek route is in Europe, and it is one of the best and longest trekking routes. If you decide to trek on this route, you will see nature’s beauty at its best. While moving through this trek, you will pass through the three glorious countries of Europe: Italy, Switzerland, and France. You will come across various mountains and valleys, which will take your breath away with its eye-catching view.

Moreover, the European glaciers are one of the most impressive things that you will find on this trek. While passing through the Tour Du Mont Blanc trek, a glimpse of these glaciers will boost your excitement to pursue more such trekking expeditions.

The roads here cover a total of 170km distance along with 10 km of descents and ascents. Prepare well for about 8 to 12 days of trekking in this region, and make sure to check the holiday list beforehand as the traveling time increases significantly around holidays.

The Santa Cruz Trek

Anyone who is an adventure freak and loves trekking must have heard the name of this trek. When you ask adventure enthusiasts about the best trekking sites according to them, they will definitely suggest the name of The Santa Cruz Trek. This trek route is located in Peru. If you really want to test your limits in adventure, this is the best option for you to choose.

This trekking route will give you stunning views of mountains covered with snow, such as Huascaran, one of the highest mountain ranges of Peru. The Santa Cruz Trek is full of spectacular valleys, lakes, and scenic mountains; 4 to 5 days will be enough to explore them. Trekking here may be a little challenging, but it will be worth exploring.

These were the top trek sites, which you must consider while making plans for trekking in the world. Get yourself essential items for trekking and make the bookings in advance, so that you do not face any problem at the last moment.

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