Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Top 4 Tasks Businesses Can Perform Using AI With the Help of a Smart AI Development Company

Now, before you go any further, we want to ask a bite-sized question from you – have you got behind the wheels of a brand-new car of late? If yes, did you take a look at its features, or better, did you use any of its “features?” If yes, what was it? Forward Collision Warning, Emergency Braking, Adaptive Headlights, Blind Spot Detection, or Safety Exit Assist? If you tried any of “them,” sorry, we are not on the same page. “But, why did you say that?” you might want to ask, right? Well, it’s for the simple reason that we wanted to know whether you made the most of any AI-powered feature of the vehicle or not, like “Built-in Alexa Integration.”

Do you know what’s so “special” about this type of system? Well, they work on Speech Recognition Techniques. “But what does that mean?” you might say. So, we must tell you that imagine you entered a car and turned it on to drive to your friend’s house. In the meanwhile, you wanted to get some extra ventilation inside your four-wheeler, so you can feel a bit better while driving. So, what will you do? Of course, you would want to open the sunroof of the hatch, no? “Now,” if the car you are currently in has a button-operated sunroof, you might have to pause driving for a while and then look for the exact button to switch it on. Because if you do that while accelerating your vehicle, it might cause a “serious” accident. But if the four-wheeler you are currently sitting in has an AI-operated sunroof, you can “simply” say, “Hey, Alexa, please open the sunroof,” and the Built-in AI Assistant will listen to your command and slide the sunroof. And guess what? You can do all this while speeding up your car. So, isn’t that a “cool feature” for automobile customers that could reduce the possibilities of accidents on the roads big time and still provide drivers with sheer convenience? You will likely say Yes, right? Thus, the point of discussing all this was to inform you that you can also implement similar business solutions in your product, service, processes, operations, or customer interaction systems. And when you do that, it will streamline your organizational workflow and achieve better productivity and efficiency for your agency. However, to do that, you need to work closely with a Smart AI Development Company in India.

“But, what will that Smart AI Development Company do for my business in particular?” this might cross your mind, right? So, to find the answer to that question, you need to shift to the next topic in this content, i.e.,

Four Best tasks businesses can perform using AI by having a Smart AI Development Company at their disposal

  1. Customer’s problem solving
  2. Human speech recognition
  3. Core processes planning
  4. Business activities learning


Not just that, you should also see:

How can artificial intelligence technology bring out new business possibilities for your company?

1. Intelligent Customer Engagement 

Do you know that “these days” customers interact with real humans less and artificial humans more whenever they face an issue with a product or want to know about it before purchase? But, how? “Well,” by using AI technology nowadays, businesses are developing reliable Chatbots that help them offer an excellent experience to their customers and that too at affordable costs. For instance, you can use AI-powered Chatbots to resolve the “common” service or product queries of your consumers or help them make an online payment with “ease.”

2. Intelligent Healthcare

As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, AI-based systems can work wonders for the medical service providers to assist them with patient care and other administrative processes. For example, you can take “advantage” of NLP or Natural Language Processing Technologies to understand and classify instrumental clinical documentation. But, how? “Well,” just to let you know, most NLP systems involve various forms of speech recognition or text analysis and translation to:

  1. Analyse unstructured clinical notes about patients in a better way
  2. Give incredible insight into the understanding level of materials
  3. Improve grasping methods and deliver better results for patients

3. Intelligent Revenue Growth 

Do you know that when you consider selling your products or services to a specific group of audience, it should be relevant to their pain points or their needs? Because, if that’s not the case, you might find it challenging to draw the attention of your potential customers towards your offerings. And that’s where artificial intelligence technology can help you reap “huge” dividends for your business. But, how?

“Well,” you can reach out to a Smart AI Development Company in India and ask them to develop solutions that can be implemented across your different business channels and analyse the data to get a better profile view of your target customers. This way, you can gain capabilities and strategies that could come in handy to optimize all your online channels and draw quality leads or customers through them.

The end thoughts

Hopefully, you learned a host of things through this textual primer, be it the four core jobs that AI can do or some ways in which it can change current business scenarios. So, if you liked the material published here and want to get result-centric AI business solutions now, we recommend connecting to a Smart AI Development Company in India.


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