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Top 4 Affordable Picks for Your First Private Jet

There are so many options for affordable private jets that come to your mind when setting out to buy one. However, they may not be as affordable and cheap as they may sound. And as a buyer, you still need to fall in the minimum price bracket to get your hands on one.

While some private jets are simply reserved for the richest of the rich, there are those that may suit your pocket. Nevertheless, make sure you are able to strike a balance between satisfying your flying needs and making a cost-effective buying option.

That being said, here is a look at some of the affordable considerations when buying a private jet for sale UAE:

Circus Vision Jet

This is probably the cheapest private jet in the market, yet its wide array of specifications makes it a desirable pick. Circus Vision Jet is the world’s first single-engine jet that produces a thrust of 1800lbs. This incredible aircraft took 10 years to design and build and features a unique V-tail. It can cruise at 345mph at a maximum altitude of 28,000ft. Initially designed to be flown by the owner itself, one can also hire a pilot to do so.

The passengers can experience a luxurious flying experience, in a spacious cabin with large windows. It can easily seat up to five adults and two children and features luxurious amenities. These include mood lighting, an in-flight entertainment system, and USB charging points. In addition to this, it includes a light envelope and a parachute system for emergencies, making sure you and your loved ones remain safe.

Cessna Citation XLS+

Cessna Citation XLS+ has undoubtedly remained the bestselling business jet for all the right reasons. This versatile jet was launched in 1998 and delivers high performance for both long-term and short-term haul flights. With the ability to take off from shorter runways, it can cruise at a maximum speed of 507mph.

The passengers can sit back and enjoy the long flights. They can recline back in the leather seats, foldable tables, Wi-Fi, and enjoy entertainment systems. It has a seating arrangement for eight people and a gallery to prepare food of your choice. This also offers ample space to carry as much as 360kg of baggage along.

Falcon 50EX

Falcon 50EX is the first private jet that offers you to fly at an intercontinental range. Its cutting-edge technology has earned it a popular choice amongst buyers. It can fly at high speeds and higher altitudes while burning less fuel and outperforming many competitor aircraft. With the help of three engines, it provides more thrust at cruise speeds and burns less fuel.

For the passengers, there are two cabins. It features built-in temperature control, comfortable seats, folding tables, and plenty of space to hold the baggage.

Embraer Legacy 650E

The ‘E’ in Embraer Legacy 650E stands for ‘Evolution’ and comes with a 10-year warranty. Isn’t that great?

The seating arrangement for 12-13 passengers in three separate cabin rooms allows you to do different activities.

Facilities like broadband and worldwide phone service allow you to connect to your business work while you are flying to your destination. One can also conduct a business meeting, as the seating is made in such a manner to make it all possible.

Look Beyond the Price Tag

No matter how affordable they all sound, make sure you do not get carried away with it. Remember that the price of the private jet is exclusive of all the additional costs. They may sound small but accumulate to form big amounts like plane insurance, inspection, pilot expenses, maintenance, fuel costs, and much more. Also, they vary from one aircraft to another. What may suit aircraft A, may not be compatible with aircraft B. So make sure you are all ears when making the purchase.

In addition to this, aircraft experts, advice first-time buyers to seek help from a consultant. They will look at all the aspects in detail and offer you the best advice in exchange for a small fee. Investing in these inspections can save you from making the wrong purchase and minimize the risk of taking a bad decision.

Therefore, it is important to make sure you are able to take into account these costs in detail prior to the purchase.

The Takeaway

Prior insight into the private jet specifications can help you make the best pick. Along with that make sure you self-assess your need when buying or renting a private jet before heading out to the charter flight companies in Dubai. Once you are sure of what to buy, head out to market, look for a credible and reputable dealer, research ahead, and make your pick. Such a thorough and thoughtful approach will give you peace of mind as you head and enjoy the flight to the fullest.

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