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Top 3 Benefits of Using Teardrop Flag at Trade Shows

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You’ve participated in a trade show and you want to increase your business’s visibility and brand identity to attract the attention of potential customers. This is your primary focus at the trade show. Therefore, you need to print promotional materials such as pamphlets and brochures to distribute to potential customers. 

Keep in mind that printed pamphlets and digital marketing tools aren’t the only things that will help you increase the visibility of your business. A teardrop flag is also one of the best marketing tools that will enhance the discoverability of your brand and company. Not to mention, the effectiveness of the teardrop flags is sometimes greater than the other marketing efforts. 

Nowadays catches everyone’s eye assuming you need to contact the most extreme number of individuals for your item or standard commercial. It is successful provided that done in the correct manner and in the ideal spot. Just when individuals are helped to remember your item with ads on numerous occasions will they check out something similar and be constrained to get it.

This is the main advertising methodology and it will be exceptionally valuable for your item crusade too. There are in various events to grandstand your item on a pennant like spring up career expo, presentation and even stands. It is anyway significant that one shows the ideal kind of promotion at the perfect spot to make it more viable.

For those who don’t know, teardrop flags are portable, lightweight, and foldable banners. Based on your printing, you can choose any type of teardrop flag you want as they come in various sizes.

Here are the top 3 benefits of using teardrop flags for your trade shows. 

Durable and Strong

One of the greatest benefits of teardrop flags is that they are durable and strong. Apart from the banner, the base of the flag is also extremely strong to support the flag throughout your entire time at the trade shows. The frames of the teardrop flag are made of aluminum. As per Comhan, this material is not only durable and strong but also lightweight. This is why teardrop flags don’t require enough effort for storage or transportation. As you’ll be placing the flags outside of your booth, they will handle pretty much every outdoor element. No matter if the location is prone or rain or sun, the teardrop flag won’t be affected. 

Portable and Foldable

Another great benefit of teardrop outdoor flags is that they are foldable. This means that you can easily dismantle and fold the metal frame of the flags into its carrying bag. The carrying bag will not only protect your teardrop flags from sunlight, dust, and possible fading but also help you carry the flag from one trade show to another. 

Even if you need to travel a couple of miles for the next trade show, you don’t need to hire any transportation services to carry the flags. You can use the carrying bag of the flags and carry the same banner to the upcoming events or trade shows. 

Safe to Handle and Use

Even though the pole of the teardrop flags is made of steel, they are still extremely safe to use at events and trade shows. You don’t have to worry about injuring and potential client or passer-by with the flag. The teardrop flags don’t come with any protruding parts that could harm anyone. 

While they do come with ground stakes that allow the flags to stay intact on soft surfaces, they won’t injure or harm anyone. However, if you’re promoting your business at indoor events or trade shows, you don’t need to use the stakes. You just need to use something heavy to keep them down on the hard concrete surface. 


These are the top 3 benefits of purchasing teardrop flags for events and trade shows. Make sure you choose the flags wisely. Determine the location and your sage before buying the teardrop flags. As they are available in different sizes, you can use them to capture the attention of different groups of people. 

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