Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Top 3 Advantages of Using PCB X-Ray Inspection Service Every PCB Manufacturer Must Know


So, if we ask, have you bought any industrial equipment of late, how would you respond? Yes, or no? Now, you might be thinking, why did we shoot such a question at you right at the beginning of this “post,” right? Then, “just” to let you know, we must clarify “that” there is a specific reason behind this. Don’t you know that? Ok, let us explain. Suppose you went to buy a soldering iron from a popular electronic store in Illinois. Now when you made the selection among a wide range of options and purchased a soldering tool, you brought it to your home and started soldering the newer electronic component on your mobile phone’s circuit board. Suddenly, you realized that the temperature of the tip of that soldering device was not rising even after you turned it on. Now, the question comes, why did it happen? Well, it’s simple, that soldering iron would be defective, and the concerned QA might have failed to identify the issue during its quality check, right? Now, have you ever imagined this could be the case even with the circuit boards that you manufacture, no? As a result, when your client companies might be encountering the “problem” during its assembly in their devices, they would be raising complaints with your brand, resulting in negative feedback, lost trust, and poor reputation. So, the question comes, how to eliminate all these issues at once during your printed circuit board assembly? Well, that’s where third-party PCB X-Ray Inspection Service comes in.

Now, before you ask what it is and why you need it, we promise to describe everything one by one in this piece of content. So, let’s start with:

What is PCB X-Ray Inspection Service?

Before you grasp what PCB X-Ray Inspection Service is, it is imperative to understand the “X-ray inspection technology,” commonly known as Automatic X-ray Inspection or AXI. And when it comes to its rays, they are special rays that come with powerful electromagnetic waves and very short wavelengths. “In fact,” to be precise, their wavelength is relatively “shorter” than that of ordinary visible light, i.e., less than 10 nanometres.

And do you know what makes the X-ray highly suitable for industrial application? If not, we must tell you that its penetrating power is pretty high. It means an X-ray can penetrate an object quite easily that visible light might fail to detect.

And it is the main reason X-ray inspection gets widely used in various industries, including:

  1. Medical
  2. Aerospace, and
  3. Industrial control

However, as far as the PCB assembly process is concerned, X-rays get extensively used during PCB inspection to test its overall quality with ease. And we think it is one of the most instrumental steps that a quality-centric circuit board manufacturer must perform. In short, X-ray inspection is an “extremely” essential method to guarantee the quality of your electronic assemblies.

What are some common characteristics of X-rays?

  1. Ionization
  2. Penetration
  3. Refraction
  4. Heat
  5. Fluorescence
  6. And a few more!

What are the main advantages of the PCB X-Ray Inspection Service?

  1. A handful of defects will be detected in the initial stages of the printed circuit board assembly process
  2. It contributes big time to reduce the cost of defects
  3. It prevents the defects from spreading over remaining PCB assembly areas and even your client company’s actual devices

So, up until now, you must have understood that PCB X-Ray Inspection Service is one of the “major” essentials in PCB manufacturing, right? It helps your designers and engineers easily identify issues in your circuit boards. And in case you don’t know; we must tell you that the problems could be in several parts of your PCB’s components, like:

  1. BGA
  2. CSP, or
  3. Soldering

“Here,” BGA stands for Ball Grid Array and CSP for Chip Scale Package.

Now, with that over, it’s time to find out:

Why do you need PCB X-Ray Inspection Service?

Before getting into that, you must comprehend that “these days” Area Array Packages, like BGA, QFN, flip-chip, and CSP, are highly used in multiple industries, like industrial control, communication, aviation, military, and many more that hides the solder joints under its packages. In that situation, the traditional inspection equipment fails to do its job perfectly when it “comes” to PCB verification. And that’s where the X-ray inspection methods come into the picture, as they have the capability of penetrating the inner packaging and checking if the solder joints are in good condition. Ok? Got it?

Finally, let’s peek at:

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you learned several things through this write-up, be it the definition of PCB X-Ray Inspection Service, its characteristics or advantages. So, if you liked this text pile-up and want to avail of supreme quality X-Ray Inspection Service now, we “would” suggest reaching out to the finest PCB inspection service provider in the USA.


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