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Tips to Evoke When Renovating Your Home or Kitchen

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The heart of any home is its kitchen. A kitchen is where stories are told, bitter moments are redeemed, and futures are made. Families are formed in a kitchen. It must be warm and welcoming, with enough space for everyone.

Exotic Interior is a specialist in kitchen remodeling and we would like to share tips with you to ensure your kitchen remains the heartbeat of your home.

Renovating your kitchen? Here are some tips to help you get started


Planning a bathroom renovation starts with the budget you have available to complete the work. First, you need to create a list of priorities, identify the critical points, and determine if economic resources will be allocated. This will allow you to see if restructuring will be partial or complete.

Due to the complexity of several related work phases (systems and masonry, finishes), it is important to keep a portion of your budget aside for extra work. To complete the economic framework, request estimates and estimated expenses should be requested. It is also a good idea to ask if tax deductions are available for building renovations.

Relying on a professional company

The assignment of work is one of the most important and delicate aspects of working. Although economic savings are a major stake in planning, it is equally important to entrust yourself to serious companies that will ensure compliance with cost estimates and quality of work and materials, technical and moral responsibilities, and safety and protection regulations. This is a delicate step.

Ask your friends and acquaintances to give you the contact information for companies they have worked with. You can also inquire online if there are any disputes or disqualifying positions within the construction industry. Finally, ask the owners for references and photos of work done and the staff they plan to hire. Do not be fooled by those who plan to do more work in different areas: a plumber is a plumber, a bricklayer is a bricklayer, and so forth.

Installations and tiling

Installations and tiling are the most difficult and time-consuming parts of a remodel. It is important to do the work at the beginning of the renovation, so it doesn’t get done later. We recommend that you complete a kitchen renovation when you are ready. This will save you money down the road and prevent you from having to spend more on the future.

Type of reform

What type of cuisine would you like? You need to decide on the design and style of your kitchen before you start the renovation. This is a kitchenette or a closed kitchen with an island in its middle.

Pay attention to the light

Light is an essential element. The space can be transformed by different types of light. If your kitchen lacks natural light, you should consider a renovation. Add windows or more lights to make it brighter. For warmer environments, you can use 2700Kor 3000K lights. However, daylight is better for practical and functional kitchens. You can reduce your electricity consumption by choosing led or low-energy lights.


A kitchen renovation should aim to increase storage space. This is done by adding more cabinets and drawers. Be careful! Don’t overstock on storage. You might end up with more clutter than you need. This can lead to chaos and stress.


It is important to choose furniture in the right color and trim. However, it is also important that they are durable. Otherwise, you run the risk of them breaking or deteriorating quickly.


To ensure their durability, kitchen floors must be resistant, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and durable. There are many types of flooring available today, and we don’t just have to stick with ceramic. Special laminated parquet is available for kitchens, vinyl flooring, and stoneware. Here are some examples.


Which color is best? It all depends on your style. Drom Living recommends warm and light colors to keep the space modern, clean, and cozy.

Washing machine

It is not the best idea to have a washing machine in your kitchen. Find a laundry area and take dirty clothes out of the cooking space. Bathrooms are also an option, particularly if they are close to cabinets.

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