Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of TTU Blackboard

So you’ve signed in to TTU Blackboard, your university’s online learning management system, but now what? With so many options and features, it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate everything. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As a TA who has spent countless hours grading assignments and communicating with students on TU Blackboard, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way to help you make the most of this platform. Whether you’re looking to better organize your courses, communicate with your professors, keep track of grades and assignments, or collaborate with other students, this guide will show you how to master Blackboard like a pro. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be collaborating, submitting assignments, and checking your grades with the best of ’em. Let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of TTU Blackboard! By the way, if you decide to find a learning platform related to programming then Thoughtsoncloud is a great website to start with.

What Is TTU Blackboard and How to Log In

So you’re taking a class at TTU and your professor wants you to use TTU Blackboard. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. Blackboard is TTU’s online learning management system where you can view course materials, submit assignments, take tests, and communicate with your instructor and classmates.

To log in, go to and enter your TTU email and password. Your course page should automatically appear. If not, click “Courses” at the top to view all your enrolled classes.

Staying on Top of Announcements

Your instructor will likely post important announcements on the course page, so check the “Announcements” section frequently. You can also opt to receive announcement emails and/or notifications to your mobile device.

Accessing Course Materials

Under “Course Materials” or “Content,” you’ll find things like the syllabus, lecture slides or videos, readings, worksheets, and more. Download or view anything your instructor provides here. Some profs may also have folders set up by week or topic to keep things organized.

Submitting Assignments

When assignments are due, you’ll submit them through the “Assignments” or “Assessments” section. Your instructor may have folders for different types of work here as well. Carefully follow the instructions for each submission and double check that your work is properly uploaded before the deadline.

Grades and Feedback

In the “Grades” section, you can view scores and feedback for assignments, tests, discussions, and other graded work. Check here frequently to monitor your progress and see if your instructor has left you any comments on how to improve.

With some time, TTU Blackboard will become second nature. But if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your professor or check TTU’s Blackboard help site. Making the most of this useful tool will help ensure your success this semester.

Navigating TTU Blackboard: Key Features Explained

Once you log in to TTU Blackboard, you’ll find the dashboard is your home base. This is where you can see recent announcements, access your courses, and check on tasks and grades.

To join a course, locate it under the “My Courses” module and click to enter. Each course page includes materials, assignments, discussion forums, and more. Pay attention to any welcome announcements or messages at the top of the course—your instructor will often provide important info there.


Staying on top of communication is key. Check the “Course Messages” and “Announcements” sections regularly for updates from your instructor or classmates. You can also send private messages to individuals through the “Course Messages” tool.

For casual conversation or study groups, try the “Discussion Board.” Your instructor may require you to post an introduction here at the beginning of the term. Post questions about course content or assignments and help each other out. These boards are a great way to connect with your peers.

Submitting Work

When assignments are due, you’ll submit them through the “Assignments” or “Assessments” sections. Carefully follow the instructions for each submission to ensure your work is received properly. Allow time for uploading documents or typing in text boxes.

With a little exploring, you’ll get familiar with TTU Blackboard in no time. Make the most of all it offers to support your learning, and don’t hesitate to ask your instructor if you have any questions!

Accessing Your Courses and Materials

Accessing everything you need for your courses in TTU Blackboard is key to keeping up with assignments and staying on track. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the platform:

Find your courses

Log in to TTU Blackboard and your list of courses will appear on the homepage. Courses you’re currently enrolled in will be at the top. Click any course title to access materials, assignments, grades, and communication tools for that class.

Can’t find a course you’re enrolled in? Check with your instructor or advisor to verify enrollment, as sometimes there are delays in courses appearing. New courses are usually available within 24 hours of the start of the term.

Access course materials

Your instructor will post essential materials like the syllabus, lecture slides or videos, reading lists, and assignment instructions in your course. Look for the ‘Content’ or ‘Learning Modules’ link to find these resources. Download or print materials as needed to ensure you have what you need to be successful.

Some instructors may post materials in the ‘Announcements’ or ‘Discussions’ sections as well. Be sure to check your entire course site regularly so you don’t miss any important posts!

Submit assignments

Assignment submission methods will vary between courses. Your instructor may have you submit via the ‘Assignments’ tool, ‘Discussions’ tool, or by email. Carefully follow the instructions provided to ensure your work is submitted properly and on time.

For ‘Assignments’ submissions, you’ll attach your completed work and click ‘Submit’. You’ll receive confirmation the upload was successful. For email submissions, send your work from your TTU email and request a receipt or confirmation of delivery. Keep records of all submissions in case of any issues.

Communication and participation are key. Don’t hesitate to contact your instructor with any questions you may have about accessing materials or submitting assignments in your TTU Blackboard courses. Making the most of all the platform has to offer will help set you up for success this term!

Submitting Assignments and Checking Grades

Once you’ve submitted your assignments in TTU Blackboard, be sure to check that your instructor has received them. It’s also a good idea to check your grades regularly to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the term. Here are some tips for submitting assignments and monitoring your progress:

Submitting Assignments

When turning in assignments on TTU Blackboard, double check that you’ve attached the correct files before clicking ‘Submit’. It’s easy to grab the wrong version of a paper or project, so take an extra second to verify the file name and size.

Pay attention to the submission guidelines for each assignment. Some may require files to be in a specific format like .doc or .pdf, while others may have strict naming conventions. Following these instructions carefully will ensure your work is graded properly. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to message your instructor for clarification.

Once you’ve submitted, you should receive an on-screen confirmation. It’s also a good idea to check the assignment submission page again shortly after to confirm your attachments are listed as ‘Submitted’ with the correct date and time. This verifies your work made it through successfully and is ready to be graded.

Monitoring Your Grades

TTU Blackboard makes it simple to stay on top of your grades. The ‘My Grades’ page provides an overview of scores for all assignments, tests, and other coursework. Be sure to check here regularly, especially as deadlines approach. See how your grades compare to the total points possible to determine where you stand at any point in the term.

Pay attention to any comments or feedback from your instructor. They may point out areas for improvement to focus on for future assignments. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on any grades you have questions about. Monitoring your progress and grades regularly means there will be no surprises when final marks are released.

Staying actively engaged with assignment submissions and grade monitoring in TTU Blackboard will help ensure your success in any course. Let your instructor know if you have any other questions about using the platform.

TTU Blackboard Mobile App: Stay Connected on the Go

The TTU Blackboard mobile app allows you to stay on top of your courses even when you’re on the go. Download the free app on your iOS or Android device to access:


Check for new announcements from your instructors to stay up-to-date on assignments, events, and deadlines. Enable push notifications to receive alerts as soon as announcements are posted.


View your grades and instructor feedback for all assignments and tests. See your overall course progress and GPA at a glance.

Course Content

Review course materials like lecture notes, readings, presentations, and more. Easily navigate weekly course modules to find what you need.


Participate in discussion board conversations directly from the app. Reply to threads, like and comment on posts from your classmates and instructor.


Send and receive private messages with your instructor and peers. The messaging tool lets you efficiently communicate and ask questions without having to log in to the full Blackboard site.

Offline Access

Once you’ve logged in initially, you can view most course content even when you don’t have an internet connection or WiFi. Your course information is stored locally on your device so you can study or work on assignments anywhere.

The Blackboard app provides a simple way to keep learning outside the classroom. Download it to your phone or tablet and login with your TTU eRaider username and password. To get started, open the menu, select your course, and explore tools like announcements, grades, discussions, and messages. The mobile-optimized interface makes it easy to find what you need on the smaller screen.

Staying connected to your courses with the Blackboard app will help ensure you never miss an important update or deadline again. Let the convenience of mobile access empower you to achieve your academic goals wherever you are.

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