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The Best Grocery Store in Germany to Shop for Daily Grocery: Dookan

Do you want to get rid of the tedious task of commuting to the local store to purchase groceries? 

Grocery Shopping is time-consuming and boring, yet it is also an inescapable business. Online platforms answer the search to all those looking for feasible and easily approachable alternates for grocery shopping.

Dookan Indian Grocery gives you the comfort of sitting back on your couch and ordering groceries at only just a few clicks!

According to a study, more than 50% of the local stores in Germany have transformed their working to online platforms, and around 50+ new grocery websites are launched for similar services. Forthwith how to select the best BECOMES the pivotal question?

If you scroll down the list for the best online grocery store in Germany, you will see a common link for Dookan. It is one of the oldest online grocery platforms dealing with authentic Indian taste.

Providing you with the best online grocery store address in Germany, this blog will help you reveal the features of Dookan. 

Dookan- Online Grocery Store to Buy Daily Groceries:  

Dookan is the Indian Online Grocery Store in Germany established more than 15 years ago. Not only Indian groceries, but the website also delivers a huge list of options from multiple categories; therefore is a one-stop-shop for all your daily needs.

The rapid increase in the number of Indians residing and traveling to Germany boosts the demand for Indian stores. But, looking out for an Indian Grocery Store in Germany can be a challenging task. Since not many stores provide Indian groceries. One has to cover long distances without ensuring the availability of all the products you are looking out for.

Dookan has made it easy for the customers to browse all the items online and place the orders with just a few clicks. The Indian grocery store deals with more than the top 10 Indian brands for spices and condiments. It brings you the homely taste you have missed in the foreign country. 

Moreover, it also provides various options under grains, flours, flour mixes, spices, condiments, pastes, instant food, snacks and beverages, and personal care products. 

Now organize an Indian Party for your German friends, inviting them over for Indian cuisine, showing off your culinary skills.

Why Choose Dookan as your Grocery Partner in Germany?

The customer expectation with the online grocery store is the base behind deciding the policies for Dookan. You might have got multiple options for Online Grocery Stores in Germany, but Dookan is the only platform that truly knows what Indian need in Germany or any country in the European Union. 

If you are wondering that these are just false claims made by every website, the reasons mentioned below will help you know how  Dookan stands apart from other platforms.

  •  Delivery Policy:  

What’s better than an online platform delivering orders within 24-48 hours of order placements! 

Dookan claims to complete all its orders within the timeframe of a maximum of 2-3 days. Not only this, but the platform also gives you easy order tracking options. You can easily check the exact status of your orders. You will receive four notifications for any order. For the scheduled delivery, when the driver is near your location, when the driver is about to reach your location, and the time when delivery is at your location. 

  • Return and Refund Policies:

 We cannot deny that there are increased possibilities of placing unwanted or wrong orders from online platforms. Dookan has a solution for this too, as the platform provides an easy 14-day return policy on their orders from the date of delivery and 12 hours return policy for the perishable items.

So, if in case you are not satisfied with your order or have placed an order for duplicate items, you have an option to rectify the same. Refunds for the returned orders are initiated through original payment modes within 5-7 business days.

  • Huge Variety:

Some of us still hesitate to place online grocery orders. Since we are addicted to the traditional methods, inspecting the products thoroughly before purchasing them. Dookan helps eliminate this hesitation as it provides you with a vast variety of products. For example- if you are looking out for Sabzi masala, you will get the options for the same from 5-6 different brands, promoting accessible selections.

This was just about one product. Dookan has a long list of such categories, making it easier for you to place the orders.

 Offers at Dookan that you will not find anywhere else:

Apart from fast deliveries and easy return policies, Dookan provides you with a list of offers on its products. If you scroll down the Offers tab of the website, you will get promotional offers, stock clearance sales, and bundle offer options.

  • Promotional Offers of the website are for either the new launches or for the best-selling products. You can easily get more than 10% under this offer with the assurance of the best quality products.
  • Stock Clearance Offer applies for the products that are left with not much stock. These can also be referred to as the most opted options with increased demands.
  • Bundle Offers apply to products that are available in huge quantities. To all those planning for cloud kitchen and other related businesses, products under this category can help you with increased savings.  

 Apart from this, a list of other offers can be applied to your overall cart amount, reducing the total prices.


Dookan eliminates the need for covering long distances to get daily grocery needs. Providing fast deliveries also gives you an option to order fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can order these at your doorstep with merely a few clicks.

 Check out the list of categories offered and Order before the Discount Coupon expires!



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