Some Popular AWS Services in 2024

Some Popular AWS Services in 2024

Significant Features of AWS

AWS is very flexible in comparison of the traditional IT models and this flexibility allows users to choose which programming models, languages, and operating systems are ideal for project. This approach eliminates the need to learn new technology for project. Due to its extreme flexibility, AWS allows users to migrate the legacy applications to the cloud easily in a cost-effective way. AWS is highly cost effective and it provides an on-demand IT infrastructure. Its “pay as you go” approach allows you to only pay for the resources you actually consume. Furthermore, it requires no upfront investment, long-term commitment, or minimum spend. Its optimum scalability allows you to scale up or scale down as the demand for resources increases or decreases respectively. This is a secure solution and it maintains confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Many institutes provide the AWS Certification training and enrolling in them can be highly beneficial for you. Apart from these, given below are some significant features of AWS.

  • Mobile Friendly Access
  • Serverless Cloud Functions
  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Security and Compliance
  • AWS Marketplace

Popular AWS Services

AWS offers more than 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. AWS has a huge client base that uses these AWS services for different purposes. In addition, these services help in lowering the costs and results in making the business more agile and innovate faster. AWS offers numerous services and choosing the right service can be hectic for you. Preparing for AWS certification will provide you detailed information of these services. AWS Certification Cost is 100 USD and preparing for it helps you learn these services.

Here are the best and most popular services that AWS provides


  • Amazon EC2- It is useful for creating virtual machines while managing other server features such as ports, security, and storage. Therefore, it is a highly popular and one of the fastest-growing AWS services.


  • Amazon RDS- It allows you to create dedicated instances of databases within minutes and helps you make your infrastructure more friendly. Furthermore, it supports multiple database engines including SQL Server, SQL, PostgreSQL, Etc.


  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)- This is a highly secure and redundant file storage service that stores data in three data centers within a specific region. Along with this, it also facilitates integrations to help prevent breaches.


  • Amazon CloudFront- It is beneficial for improving the website speed and access to cloud-based data. It works with the Global Content Delivery Service (CDN) to deliver content efficiently to end users.


  • Amazon VPC- This service is useful for isolating your entire IT infrastructure from exposure. Furthermore, it creates a private virtual network and ensures that only the authorized people and systems can access it.


  • Amazon SNS- This feature provides alerts for the subscriber services to perform tasks automatically. Furthermore, it sends notifications to any users on any platform and offers integration with PHP, Node, Python, and more.


  • AWS Beanstalk- Developers use this service for managing the website infrastructure. Along with this, AWS beanstalk also offers autoscaling to ensure automatic updates of new software.


  • AWS Lambda- It provides support to the demands of your current speed of development. Along with this, AWS lambada offers support and necessary resources to ensure that systems are not used more than their capacity.


AWS offers an on-demand IT infrastructure at a very low cost. AWS provides a wide range of services, and selecting the best one for you might be challenging. You can learn more about these services by preparing for the $100 USD AWS Certification. Creating virtual machines and controlling other server aspects like ports, security, and storage are made easier with Amazon EC2. With Amazon RDS, you can quickly establish dedicated database instances and improve the friendliness of your infrastructure. Additionally, it supports a variety of database engines, such as SQL Server, SQL, PostgreSQL, and others. Three data centers located in a certain area house data for the highly secure and redundant Amazon Simple Storage Service.

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