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Some fantastic Ways To Celebrate Diwali Without Going Broken

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The Hindu Festival of Lights is one of the most awaited holidays for many Indians. It is popularly celebrated for bringing much-needed happiness in our lives by just spending on each other. The grand celebration of Diwali is known as the biggest and most colourful festival in India, bringing happiness to everyone irrespective of religion, caste and creed. The people of India celebrate this festival as it is one of the most colourful occasions of the year, bringing in the light of hope and happiness in everyone’s life.

 The most beautiful aspects of Diwali are:

  • The splendidly decorated homes.
  • Colourful lights.
  • Colourful special treats.
  • Firecrackers that give one sparkle to an otherwise dull and gloominess day.

Plan Ahead

The biggest trick of all, most people fail to follow because they are not on time in planning Diwali. But you know how this can be done by grabbing this opportunity.

How to do this?

Get some basic preparations done for Diwali before the beginning of the year 2018.

 Acknowledge your financial situation

You have a limited budget, and your budget is limited in terms of your life, not in terms of worldly things. Yes, you may have a lot of things, but you can’t buy everything that you love. To know how much budget you have and focus on that and don’t make extravagant purchases on stuff and Diwali gifts, purchase only what you need and, yes, everything.

 Get Help From Neighbors

If your neighbours are not coming up to make light lamps because they are scared of the damage to their building and the damage to the home and the leaves, it has got the home in an excellent position to get help from the neighbors living nearby. You will be surprised how much good spirit and smiles they will have during the Diwali celebration.

 Good Times At The Gatherings

During Diwali, there will be occasions where you will be going to a big Diwali gathering where you will be free to enjoy the fireworks and each time that happens if there is some cash around your hands, make sure that you are ready to get that cash exchanged over to other Diwali sweets that you will want to get at the gathering.

 Set A Budget

The best way to do it is, always have a budget for anything you like to do during the Diwali festival. If you are in a financial slump like us, you will have to sell off some of your belongings or family assets to buy this new dress or other expensive stuff to show off to your friends or family. However, no matter what happens, you’ll still have a memorable Diwali celebration and be happy with it. On this Diwali, don’t let the budget or money problem come in between the celebration. Just express Diwali gifts delivery online and find out some better deals on them at accessible prices.

 Buy At The Lighter Hours

Another way to spend the least amount of money on buying stuff during the Diwali festival is to shop from websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others during the day or night. While they get you the stuff at a low price, you can still get it at a reasonable price most of the time.

 Make A List Of Things You’d Like To Do

Maybe you want to see the ample Diwali light up in your town, or maybe you want to stay with your family and make them happy by lighting up their house and burning the crackers. Either way, there is something which you can do this Diwali which might make your dream come true.

 Take Your Kids To The Fireworks

Make some popcorn, light a slow fire and turn on the satellite television. Watch the Diwali fireworks with your kids. See the smile on their faces and a tear in their eyes as the music from the television fills up the atmosphere.

 Bring The Kids Along

The Diwali celebration is the most important for kids around the world. So get them the chance to walk through the entire Diwali decor with you. Let them admire all the Diwali items at the store and make them feel that you love and appreciate them at the same time.

 Plan A Diwali Weekend Getaway

If you plan to go for a Diwali weekend getaway, here are some suggestions to plan well in advance to buy tickets. Visit the place of the hotel where you want to stay and make all the bookings in advance. Also, make sure to get the deposit paid at least one week in advance. Remember that the deposit pays for a hotel if you decide to cancel in advance.

Use What You Already Have

Yes, why not. Instead of purchasing new things to celebrate, why not use the items you already have. So instead of buying new diyas and earthen lamps, why not use the ones you already have. Instead of buying new tiffins, why not just use the ones you have. Why not just purchase a few of the new colourful silk napkins and use the old ones, which will save you a fortune. So instead of purchasing new clothes, why not buy some of the old ones you are using now.

 Shop And Spend Less

You don’t need a lot of things to celebrate Diwali. Especially for the needs that you have. Use what you already have, buy the decorations you need, and save some money by not buying the other things you may not need.

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