Shihab Chittur live location today is a well-known as a resident from Kerela, India who decided to make Hajj 2023, which will take place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Shihab is the only person from Kerela during the 20th century to be able reach Mecca.

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Shihab started his journey in the month of July 2022 in order to participate in Hajj 2023, a traditional transport medium, despite the accessibility of modern amenities. He walks at least 25 miles each day and travels through India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia before arriving in Makkah to attend Haj in February 2023.

The 29-year old from Chottur in close proximity to Valanchery set off for his home following an early morning prayers, performing “duas,” and saying good-bye to his family and friends. Some locals and family members joined Shihab for a short time before breaking off and Shihab continued on his own journey.

According to the reports, Shihab is only carrying his essentials and will eat and rest in mosques along the way.

He has completed on the very first day to Parappanangadi He will remain in the Parappanangadi’s Juma Masjid of Parappanangadi and will resume his journey next Friday.

in an interview with Shihab declared that he is planning to walk at least 25km a each day. The distance from his hometown as well as Mecca is 8640 kilometers.

Based on his estimates that it will take approximately 280 days to get up to Mecca. His intention is to arrive at Mecca before the time of The Haj Pilgrimages to be held in the near future.

On the way to traversing the Wagah border to enter Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. He already has visas to the five countries, and is planning to apply to apply for Haj in 2023, once his arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Name Shihab Chittur
Nick Name Shihab
Profession A native of Kerala, India
Date of  Birth 1993
Birth Place Kerala, India
Gender Male
Religion Muslim

Shihab Chittur Route Map as well as Live Location Now
Shihab Chittur began his trip in Kerala and made it towards Gujrat Territories of India. Gujrat Territories India in the 22nd day of July. The route was Karnataka as well as Maharashtra.

Where Is Shihab Chittur Now?

Shihab Chittur began journeys from Kerala and arrived in his destination in the Gujrat territory of India on 22nd July. He traveled through Karnataka as well as Maharashtra. He’ll then enter Pakistan via at the Wagah Border.

He will reach Makkah in order to make Hajj on February 20th 20, 2023. He will accomplish this via India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Shihab Chittur Today Live Location

Shihab Chittur lives located in Gujrat. He is at his destination on the Gujrat region of India at present.

First Flight to take off for the pilgrimage

To commemorate the start of Hajj season for the pilgrims of this year’s India First flight under the under the aegis of Kerala State Haj Committee will start at Nedumbassery over the weekend.

Based on reports,, HTML0. According to reports Minister V Abdurahiman is expected to start the first flight. The first flight headed to Hajj will have 377 passengers on board.

Before the time of this article, Haj Pilgrims events were held with a number of restrictions because of laws like the Covid-19 Act in 2020 and 2021. Since foreigners were not permitted to take part in Hajj in the period, and there were also no Haj Pilgrims who were from India in 2021 or 2020.

This year, there 747 pilgrims including 5758 people who are who are from Kerala 1,989 pilgrims from Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Puducherry, will leave at Nedumbassery and travel to Hajj journey.

Twenty flights run through Saudi Airlines have already been scheduled between June 4-16 for the pilgrimages to Haj.

According to the schedule, each flight has been allocated to the Haj pilgrims on June 4, 6, 7-13, and 15. Two flights are scheduled to depart on June 5-8 10, 14 as well as three flights for June 12 and 16.

The guest’s accommodation will be offered near Al-Masjid-an-Nabawi located in Medina and near Azizia close to Azizia located in Mecca. There is anticipated that pilgrims return to Mecca. They are scheduled to depart to depart for Nedumbassery leaving from Jeddah airport.

Shihab Chittur Wiki, Biography

Shihab Chittur was born in 1993 in Kerela, India, and his age at birthday is 29. He is well-known by the public as an Indian from Kerela, India, who has made the decision to perform Hajj 2023 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Shihab is the first person from Kerala to to for travel Mecca. The Shihab began the journey on July 20, 2022. They will participate in Haj 2023, an ancient method of transportation, even though it is within reach of modern amenities.

He is expected to walk at least 25 kilometers every day and travel India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia before reaching Mecca for the Hajj in February 2023.

Shihab has been able to complete legal documents and has been granted visas to the countries mentioned above. Shihab is currently living in Gujarat and is expected to travel towards Pakistan through the Wagah frontier. Journey to Shihab has been made available by a variety of vloggers to allow them to be able to participate in the Hajj 2023 in Mecca and is watched by more than 500k YouTube subscribers.

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Shihab Chittur Hajj

Sahib Chittur has decided to take part in Hajj 2023, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Shihab is now the sole person from Kerala to travel to Mecca in the early years into the new century. Shihab began his journey in July 2022 to participate in of the Haj 2023, a traditional method of transport in spite of the ease of modern conveniences. He walks for at minimum 25 miles every day and will traverse India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia before reaching Mecca for the Hajj in February 2023.

Shihab Chittur Age

Shihab Chittur’s birthyear was 1993. his age is 29.

Shihab Chittur Wife

There’s no information on the web regarding the marriage situation Shihab. Shihab.

Shihab Chittur Height, Weight

There’s no information online regarding Shihab’s weight or height.

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