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Seven Reasons to Install an Egress Window

Having an egress window is important for your safety and peace of mind. It means that if there’s ever a problem in the house, you’ll be able to safely exit with ease! This also makes sure first responders can enter through these windows without any concerns too – so they won’t get stuck outside while professionals work on getting things under control (which would cause panic).

To make sure that your family is safe in the event of an emergency, it’s important for adults to have easy access through windows. The measurements include how first responders can enter and exit with their equipment too! With the help of the best basement window egress installation services, you will be able to get functional outcomes!

Why are egress windows important?

There are many benefits to egress windows:

Air circulation

These specialized doors allow fresh air to circulate through the living space and keep it comfortable, and they also keep out mold and allergy-triggering mildew. Because they’re designed for safety, these doors are an essential component of every home.

Escape route

The main function of an egress window is to provide an escape route for occupants of a home. This is an important safety feature for homes where fires can cause significant damage. Typically, such windows must have a minimum size of 5.7 square feet. The opening must also be at least 44 inches off the floor. Step risers should be at least 12 inches wide. This allows for safe passage for occupants of the home and firefighters.

One of the biggest reasons to install egress windows is to ensure the safety of your family. These windows are often side-hinged, which means they need to be opened to the inside of the home. Moreover, they take up space inside the window, which is not a good option if you have an infant. Aside from that, they are also helpful for those who live in basements.

Safety prevention

Fire can happen at any time. The smoke and heat from a fire can rise quickly. This is why installing the windows is a crucial safety precaution. Since the basement is the lowest level of a house, it is an ideal location for these windows. These windows provide additional exits for family members and emergency workers. When the fire department is called, egress windows provide an additional option to help those trapped in the basement.

Egress windows are an important safety measure for any home. As per the NFPA, 4,000 Americans are killed in fires every year, and 20,000 more are injured in the same type of catastrophe. A proper escape plan and a way to exit the house will prevent a significant number of tragedies.

Higher property value

In addition to providing an escape route, they increase the square footage of a home, and offer an appealing aesthetic appeal to potential buyers. A seller who installs an egress window will usually get a higher price when selling a house.

An egress window can add value to a home. It will help increase the value of a home and create a safer environment. Additionally, it can add natural lighting and ventilation to a basement. The size of a window that’s suitable for egress windows is determined by the local building codes. Besides, they can also improve the quality of the home’s overall design.

Legal safety

Whether a home has them or not might be a legal issue. If a home does not have an egress window, the homeowner must have it installed as soon as possible. If the window is too low, the occupant will be unable to exit. If the window is too high, the egress window will fail to open. The window well must be at least five feet across to avoid the danger of falling objects.

Natural light

Aside from allowing the occupants to exit in case of an emergency, egress windows also provide natural light. Moreover, they make it possible to grow plants and grow flowers indoors. They’re also beneficial to people who love gardening. During winter, the dark corner of a basement may serve as a perfect place to store outdoor plants and start seedlings for planting in the spring.


Apart from being important for safety, egress windows are also essential for aesthetic purposes. They let light into a basement and are necessary for many reasons. When a home is finished, it will have a window in the basement. They will enhance the appearance of the basement, making it more beautiful. In addition, such a window will also allow for natural light. This will help the owners to make their basements more accessible and safer.

Final Take

The more open and welcoming your basement feels, the better! Make sure you install large enough windows so that natural light can enter. This will also make it feel less dreary down there without sacrificing safety concerns for earthquakes or other disasters, since egress ports provide an easy exit route should something go wrong.

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