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Select The Right Collar Style According To Your Face Shape

Select The Right Collar Style According To Your Face Shape: Things You Need To Know

Do you feel unsure about which collar style is best for you when you are buying a shirt? Well, if yes, you are not alone. While many people—both men and women do not think much about this aspect of a shirt, it is important. The good news is that there is a collar for every person, regardless of whether their face is round, oval, or angular. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the right collar style for your face. Check it out—

  • If you have a round face, here are the collar styles you can go for

If you have a plump face, then a narrow collar will reduce the size of your jaw line and help slim down your cheeks. For formal occasions, choose a classic Windsor collar or a simple button-down if you are opting for a casual attire. Pin collars are a great choice for anyone looking for something unique. What collars should you avoid? Avoid any with a wide spread. They will make your head look bigger and wider. And not just that, they will also make your neck appear shorter.

  • If you have a diamond face, these are the collar styles you can opt for

A cutaway collar with an open, wide stance is recommended for those with prominent cheekbones and pointed chins. It will create the illusion of a larger jaw. Keep away from narrow designs, such as the classic point and button-down.

  • Best styles of collars for oblong faces

Oblong faces often have a U-shaped, curving jaw. Therefore, wide collars are best for people with oblong faces. Cutaway designs will balance your face making it appear larger and stronger. Long narrow points will only make your face appear weaker and narrower.

  • These are the most appropriate collar styles for oval faces

If your face is oval, you are lucky, and you don’t need to worry about the collar. Your face is naturally balanced and symmetrical so all styles will fit you. You can experiment with many styles to find the perfect shirt. Women with oval faces can also go for peter pan collars. With a peter pan collar female office goers can add a pinch of charm to their routine office outfits.

  • Top styles of collars for square cut faces

Men with square jawlines are similar to those with round faces. Point collars work best for them. The forward-point or button-down would also look great. Spread collars are best avoided. They will only make your face appear larger and fuller.

Whether you are a man or a woman, shirts are probably a staple in your wardrobe. Starting from attending business meets to going on a movie date, they help you sail through a lot of situations. Although shirts seem like the easiest clothing item to shop for, they are actually too difficult to select. Why? Because not all shirts look good on all people, which is mainly due to the collar. That is why it’s extremely important to select a shirt keeping the suitability of its collar on you. And the above guide will help you immensely in this regard as you’re now familiar with the best collar styles to suit your face shape and can confidently put on a shirt that will make you look great. 

If, however, you don’t like collared top wears, and only use shirts when dressing formal, then you can also go for detachable collars that are readily available for purchase. There are plenty of options out there, choose the best collar design for your outfit, and you will never have to look boring in your routine top wears.

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