Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery

Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery

Ryan Waller passed away as a result of the Christmas Day break-in, shooting, and murder of his girlfriend.

In Waller’s tale, there are both tragic elements and accusations of unfairness.

Waller didnt end up being the victim; instead, he was one of the key suspects in the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of him and his girlfriend.

He was well-known online for being the subject of a lengthy police interview conducted while he was still battling with the two headshots.

In the end, his case had both civil rights cases of abuse and police misconduct, including the fact that they failed to treat him soon away and ignored his brain damage for several hours.

The case is also infamous for having a lot of false information.

There were a number of theories and complaints that the police didn’t treat Ryan fairly and that there was more to the story when numerous unrelated persons and the media performed follow-up interviews with Ryan’s family and friends.

The Murder Case – What Happened In The House Of Ryan Waller With Him & His Girlfriend?

What Happened In The House Of Ryan Waller With Him His Girlfriend

Heather and Ryan used to live together in a rented apartment with a roommate, Alexia.

She was not home that day, though.

The late couple had only been residing in the home for roughly one and a half months.

On the afternoon of December 23, 2006, Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room or in their room When Ritchie Carver, Larry Carver’s son, and him arrived at Waller’s door.

They rang Waller’s doorbell when they got there, and Ryan came over to see who it was. Nevertheless, Carver and his son broke into Waller’s home.

When Waller tried to shut the door, Richie put his arm inside and shot Ryan twice in the head, assuming that he had died.

After that, he killed Heather, Ryan’s girlfriend, by shooting her as she sat on the couch in another room.

Because the father-son team didn’t want any witnesses, Richie allegedly killed her.

After the shooting, Richie and his father also seized some weapons and a computer from the site.

Why Was Ryan & Heather Shot

The subject of numerous theories is why Larry and his son attempted to kill Waller and his girlfriend Heather.

When Waller and Larry’s son, Richie, were roommates in the past, their disagreements lasted for a while. Ryan and Richie had also previously engaged in physical conflict with one another.

Some others claim that Ritchie made approached Heather, Ryan’s girlfriend, which he found offensive.

On the other hand, there were rumors that Ritchie and Waller engaged in a gun-toting altercation.

Some claim that Ritchie was merely envious of Ryan’s nice possessions.

The Investigation – Why Did The Police Suspect Ryan As The Murderer?

It was close to Christmas, so it was anticipated that Ryan or Heather would have called or come by to celebrate the holiday.

Three days later or so, Ryan’s father started to worry because he had not heard from his son in a few days.

Ryan’s parents drove to his house after receiving no call from him for two days. They rang the doorbell and peeked from outside, but no one answered.

His father called the police when he didn’t hear back from them.

When the police arrived at the flat, they discovered Heather Quan dead.

However, Ryan Waller was amazingly still alive and moving around the property despite being shot in the head and having his girlfriend’s body lying around.

Waller reportedly refused to speak with the police, claiming he didn’t remember what had happened.

His actions complicated everything, leading to the police holding him and interrogating him for hours about the incident.

During the investigation, when police called out the name of Richie Carver, Surprisingly, Ryan was able to identify him and his father as the shooters.

According to the authorities, Ryan had various wounds on his nose and cheeks and a severely swollen black eye.

Through vertical blinds, the cops eventually discovered the dead body of Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather. They quickly handcuffed the injured Ryan and led him to their vehicle.

Ryan’s Parents, Don, and his wife, could not meet their son because of the cops. In addition, they could not take their son to the hospital.

Ryan Underwent A Dreadful Interrogation Despite Being Shot Twice

After being taken into custody, Ryan spent several hours in the patrol cars without receiving any medical care.

Ryan was brought to the questioning station the following day at around five in the morning.

Even though there was an apparent injury to his left eye, the police did not believe Ryan was shot in the head because they thought he was the one who killed his girlfriend.

Police Refused Medical Assistance For Ryan While He Was Brutally Injured

The police refused to give Ryan timely medical assistance because they didn’t believe him. His condition had worsened by the time he would eventually obtain medical attention.

While still hurt and in pain, Waller was questioned by detective Paul Dalton. Ryan said little during the interrogation other than that he wanted to sleep.

Then, the police inquired about Ritchie and other topics. Ryan reportedly refused to reveal that he had killed Heather despite the detective’s attempts to get him to do so.

Ryan didnt get hospital treatment until after several hours of interrogation. Later, the police notified his dad, Don, that his son was in critical condition.

According to what the physicians allegedly told Don, Ryan’s father that the absence of prompt medical assistance caused the infection.

It took 35 days for Waller to heal in the hospital.

Ryan lost a portion of his brain during the recovery process. Ryan’s left eye was permanently lost, and even after leaving the hospital, he experienced seizures for a number of years.

The Testimony – Who Was The Real Culprit?

After Ryan Identified Richie, and his father Larry for the shooting, the cops detained Ritchie almost a week after Ryan Waller left the hospital.

Ritchie’s mother handed his father, Larry, in the following week. Ritchie had his sentence handed out first.

Ritchie Lee, Carver’s son, was found guilty five years before his father was, in 2008. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Ritchie was found guilty by the police of Felony Murder, Burglary, Aggravated Assault, and Weapons Misconduct.

Because Larry’s wife declined to testify against him under the guise of her marital rights, the court was initially unable to indict him.

Ritchie’s mother was required to attend court after Heather’s family successfully lobbied for the repeal of the privilege as mentioned above in a later rule.

The court re-indicted Larry in November 2011 for First Degree Murder, First Degree Attempt Murder, Burglary, and Aggravated Assault.

When a Maricopa County Jury found Larry Lloyd Carver guilty on multiple counts in connection with the 2006 murder of Heather M. Quan, the case reached its conclusion.

The jury also determined that Carver was responsible for her lover Ryan T. Waller’s attempted murder.

On January 25, 2013, Carver was sentenced to a potential life sentence in prison following a ten-day trial. Some claim there was no parole.

Ryans’ Parents Calls Out Police For Evidence Tampering

Don, Ryan’s father, sued the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona a few years after Ritchie and Larry were sentenced to prison.

Don said that the police provided false information regarding the day of the shootings.

Ryan’s interrogator, Detective Dalton, was also charged with tampering with the evidence and fabricating stories about the case.

Dalton reportedly had a contentious professional background, particularly in handling his former cases.

In the past, he had put blinders on the incorrect individual and broken the law to end a case.

For the manner they handled Ryan’s case, it is assumed that Phoenix Police Department is currently under investigation.

Even the US Department of Justice contacted the officials handling Ryan’s interrogation.

Ryan Waller’s Death

No one knew for sure what a difference an hour could have made because he had been in the apartment for nearly three days before the police arrived at the crime scene.

If the cops had responded quicker to get Ryan Waller medical attention, it’s unclear if his life may have been saved.

When Ryan first went blind, he had to rely on his parents to get by. Later, he would start having seizures, which would eventually cause his death in January 2007.

Overview Of His Life

Full Ryan Waller Ryan Thomas Waller was born in 1988 on February 12.

There isn’t much information regarding Waller’s past, although he had a passion for playing the guitar when he was younger.

Waller’s father, Donald Thomas Waller, often known as Don, reportedly remarked that Waller was the kind of youngster who could rap along to his song as soon as he heard it.

He also enjoyed technology. Waller, originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, had been living in Phoenix, Arizona, both at the time of his passing and possibly long before.

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