Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Roland D50 editor

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Voice editor for the Roland D50.


Editor holds 7 layers and have dedicated buttons to switch between each layer.

parameters are color coded just like the Roland PG1000.


Common Layer Upper/Lower is blue.

Patch Layer is red.

Partials 1-4 is grey


Save edited voice/patch from editor is planned for later, only saving at hardware side for now.


Configure midi IN and OUT to the synth from CTRLR menu to get the editor working.

The “patch select” sends an single voice dump message to the synth and editor parameters is

updated for each layer.


This editor for is tested and written for Roland D50, i can not guarantee it’s working for Roland D550.

If anyone wants to do changes or add something feel free to do so.




Built and tested with Ctrl version 5.3.83


• Update Sept 2016, New GUI and bugfix from user MadAlien.

• Update 1 Feb 2017 –  MidiChannel 1-16 support

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