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Review : Is your Forex Broker A Scam ?

If you conduct a Google search for the topic of forex broker frauds the number of results is astounding. Although Forex trading is getting more secure however, there are a lot of unscrupulous brokers that should not be operating.

If you’re planning to trade forex, you must find brokers that are trustworthy and trustworthy, and stay clear of those which aren’t. To differentiate the reputable brokers from the weak ones, and also the reliable ones from those who have fraudulent dealings, you must follow a set of steps to follow before placing a large amount of money to an agent.

Trading can be difficult enough on its own however when a broker employs strategies that are detrimental to the trader the possibility of making money can be virtually impossible.

Forex review : The process of separating Forex Fact From Fiction

Rookie Traders Forex

It is also possible that forex traders who are new aren’t able to trade using an effective method or trading strategy. Instead, they trade according to their own the psychology.

Broker Refusal

Sometimes it’s the fault of the broker. This could happen when a broker tries to collect commissions from trading at the expense of the customer. There have been instances of brokers arbitrarily shifting the quoted rate to activate Stop orders even though other broker’s rates haven’t changed to match the price.


For traders, this circumstance is rare and unlikely to ever happen. It is important to remember that trading is generally not an non-stakes game and brokers generally charge commissions when trade volumes. In the end, it’s beneficial for brokers to attract long-term customers who regularly trade and, consequently maintain capital or earn profits.


Behavioral Trading

The problem of slippage could be blamed on behavior economics. It is common for traders who aren’t experienced to panic. They worry about losing a trade, and so they press their buy key or fear they will lose more, so they strike the sell button.


In unstable currency exchange conditions, brokers is not able to guarantee that an order will be fulfilled at the price desired. This causes sharp moves and slippage. Similar is the case for stop and order limits. Some brokers provide the filling of limit and stop orders however, others don’t.


Even in transparent markets market, there is a chance for slippage, markets change and sometimes we don’t receive the price we desire.


Communication Is Key

The real issues can arise when communication between a trader the broker starts to fall apart. If a trader doesn’t receive any responses from their broker, or if the broker gives vague answers to the questions of a trader These are typical indicators which indicate that the broker might not be in the best interests of the client.


These issues need to be addressed and clarified to the trader. Likewise, the broker must also be responsive and demonstrate excellent customer relationships. The most damaging problems that could occur between a broker an individual trader is their inability to withdraw funds out of the account.


Broker Research is Protective for You

Beware of unscrupulous brokers from the beginning is the best way to go. The steps below should be helpful:

  • Search online for reviews on the broker. A search on the internet can reveal the possibility that negative reviews could be the result of a frustrated trader, or be a sign of something much more sinister. One good addition to this kind of research can be BrokerCheck by the (FINRA). It will show whether there are any outstanding legal proceedings towards the broker. If so, you will learn more about the U.S. regulations regarding forex brokers.
  • Be sure that there aren’t any complaints regarding not being able for you to withdraw money. If there is, you should contact the user, ifyou can, and inquire about their experiences.
  • Go through every word of the small printing of the paperwork before opening an account. The incentives for opening an account may frequently be used against the trader when trying withdrawal funds. For example when an investor puts down $10,000 and receives an additional $2,000 in bonus funds. the trader then loses money and then attempts to withdraw any rest of the funds. The broker could declare that they are unable to take out the bonus funds. The fine print can aid in understanding the full range of potential scenarios for these scenarios.
  • Make a trade for a period of time or longer before attempting to withdraw. If everything is going well, it’s fairly safe to make deposits of additional money. If-you encounter issues try to address them with your broker. If this fails then you should post the full details of your experience on the internet so other people can benefit from your experiences.


As larger firms grow, they are providing a certain level of service. The 2008-2009 financial crisis showed us that a large or well-known company isn’t always secure.

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