Do you ever browse a website and see multiple advertisements that simply blend in? Ad weariness is a widespread issue for marketers and advertisers, and it can be challenging to think of creative ways to grab users’ attention. In this situation, Qureka banners are helpful. By providing consumers with an entertaining, interactive quiz or game, Qureka banners are an interactive kind of digital advertising. Qureka banners, designed to stand out and offer a memorable user experience, are used instead of conventional advertisements that are simple to ignore. We’ll examine Qureka banners in more detail in this blog post, including what they are, how they operate, and the advantages they provide to advertisers and companies. Read on to learn more about Qureka banners and how they may change your advertising efforts, whether you’re a digital marketer or just interested in the newest advertising trends.

What is Qureka Banner?

An interactive banner ad known as a Qureka banner engages users by providing a quiz or game. Qureka banners are frequently used in digital advertising and are intended to attract users by offering a fun, engaging experience. The idea behind a Qureka banner is straightforward: rather than showing a static banner ad with a call-to-action, Qureka banners include an interactive question, quiz, or game that consumers can play. The user is directed to a landing page where they may read more about the advertised good or service after interacting with the Qureka banner. Qureka banners are designed to give users a more exciting and lasting experience than a standard display ad. Qureka banners can improve conversion rates by providing users a pleasant and engaging experience that increases engagement, dwell time, and overall conversion rates.

How Does Qureka Works?

An interactive banner ad called a “Qureka banner” draws users in by presenting a game, quiz, or question. It is intended to grab the user’s interest by offering an interactive and engaging experience, increasing engagement and conversion rates. This is how Qureka banners function:
  1. Creation Creating a Qureka banner requires a web developer or a website owner who has coding knowledge. There are several tools and platforms available that can help you create and customize Qureka banners, such as Bannerwise, Google Web Designer and Canva, to name a few. To create a Qureka banner, you’ll need to select your game or quiz type, create your questions, and design the user interface.
  2. Interface Qureka banners are integrated with a website or an app and appear as a banner at the top or bottom of the page. Users will see the banner and be invited to participate in the game, quiz or answer a question. Once the user clicks on the Qureka banner, the game or quiz begins.
  3. User Interaction The user interacts with the Qureka banner by answering questions, playing a game or participating in a quiz. The questions or games are usually related to the product or service being advertised. For example, if the Qureka banner is advertising a car brand, the quiz questions may be related to the car features or specifications.
  4. Answer Submission After the user completes the quiz or game, they’re asked to submit their answers. When they submit, they’re taken to a landing page where they can learn more about the product or service being advertised. The landing page usually contains more information about the brand, offers, and call-to-actions (CTAs) that direct the user toward making a purchase or taking a follow-up action.
  5. Tracking Performance To measure the effectiveness and performance of the Qureka banner, advertisers and marketers can use various analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. This will provide insights about engagement, dwell time, user behavior, and conversion rates.

In conclusion, Qureka banners are a cutting-edge strategy for attracting people and increasing interaction rates. Without being invasive or forceful, they offer a fresh take on conventional digital advertising that improves user experience and raises brand exposure. Brands and advertisers may expand their reach, reaffirm their message, and draw in highly engaged individuals by producing a Qureka banner.

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