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Phillips One Blade: The best a razor can get

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We can all agree that hair removal is an everyday battle we all fight, regardless of gender, from hair removal on different body parts to facial hair. Of course, we all have our challenges. But, especially in men, facial hair removal makes up an essential part of the routine. As the grooming kit grows with age and experience, a razor makes for an indispensable part of it. From a boy’s pubescent days to growing into adulthood, shaving is treated more like life skill to be a well-groomed man. In this journey, a good razor becomes your best friend.

The whole endeavour of facial hair removal may seem like a minefield for many. With several things that could go wrong unless done with skill, care and experience. With the variety of products available for different skin needs, hair needs or skillsets. Picking the right razor could put you light years ahead of many, makes for a true game-changer. The types of razors to choose from:

Cartridge Razors: These are relatively new razors, which use the lift and cut technology. You can replace their cartridge blade top, making sure to shave the hair from really close, giving a more comparable finish. They are suitable for beginners to use due to their safety.

Disposable Razors are similar to cartridge razors, except they can be used a few times and thrown. Its lifespan depends on the sharpness of the blade or the coarseness of the hair.

Straight Razor: These are the oldest tools of shaving, requiring skill. It needs to be held at an optimal angle to prevent any shaving mishaps.

Electric Shavers: These are the latest inventions, which are mechanical devices used to shave facial hair. These done essentially require any cream or foam for the same, hence making for a quick solution.

Various brands are selling a variety of hair removal tools. But, what better to start with a brand with multiple grooming tools and has proudly been the first pick of many young men.

Philips: The Brand

A Dutch multinational company, mainly focusing on healthcare technologies, is one of the oldest and most popular men’s grooming products. Not only trusted by the older generations but has remained to be favourite among many youths. It happened due to their innovative technologies and up to date inventions with the motive to ease male grooming.

They boast a large variety of male grooming products under their umbrella. They are producing almost every kind of grooming tool one could imagine. From shavers, beard trimmers, multi-groomers to razors, name it all, and you’d find something that fits suitable for your requirements or needs.

They’ve remained a popular choice in the Indian market, with many fathers giving their sons a Philips trimmer or razor as their first. Tapping on this potential, they have also launched a line of electrical grooming products called Philips Norelco. Understanding the various needs of each man, it’s a hit in the market. Their commitment to manufacturing great quality products and innovative ideas with the client’s safety and ease becoming their main focus has been unparalleled. Not only are their products sleek and stylish but also highly functional.

Their range of male grooming products to choose from include:

  • Shaver
  • Beard Trimmers
  • Multi-groomers
  • Nose Trimmers
  • Body Groomers
  • OneBlade

Philips One Blade

Philips wasn’t late to the electric shaver game, launching the Philip One Blade, which has taken the market by storm. It is almost close to perfection with its compact design, excellent battery life, Micro USD port and gives a great shave. The product has converted many old-schoolers who prefer to use a good old safety razor and sceptics about electric shaver into loving this gadget!

One of the most significant advantages is its affordability or a great price point. At such a price point, one can achieve various trims and looks, which seems like an excellent investment. In addition, there are a variety of bundles or combos that come with different heads or guards for the razor, which you can customise to your need.

Pick one that would be suitable for you. However, its blades might be on the pricier side, taking into account one stays for about four months. If not used for a full shave every day, that is. One Blade is good competition to others which are typically priced higher.

It’s super lightweight and portable, making for a great travel option too. It also obviously isn’t as close as an old fashioned razor would be, but it gets rid of most of the visible stubble. It gives a consistent shave. It takes nearly 8 hours to charge and gives off about 45 minutes of battery life. It is enough to work for a week or depending on your use. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require creams or foam to aid shaving. You could manually press the button and run it over the areas which require trimming.

It’s a great product to invest in, not only being portable but also helps with quick shaves. It makes for a great experience and rarely has any space for this is the future of shaving, and why not be a part of it? You don’t have to worry about finding the best place to buy this product. A simple online search with Health and Glow app download will take you to the most reliable store, and you can buy it from there. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Philips One Blade and enjoy painless hair removal.

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