Maintaining Your Parcels Safety When Shipped

You click confirm. The order is placed. Now comes the long wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorstep. Does this journey from the warehouse to the doorstep include any break or loss of the product during its transportation? You expect that the courier will take utmost caution when handling that package. Perhaps you might as well have spent more on a better present wrapping paper. Too late now. The compulsive checking of the tracking page will not speed up its arrival at all. The worst part of this scenario is that you just have to wait and be worried all the time. You probably recognize this story as yours. Take heart. Just by taking a few safety actions beforehand, you can be sure that the packages and other items will be in good shape when they reach their destination. The present piece will cover some easy ways that will allow you to keep packages safe when they are in transit, and thus, you will wait for deliveries with confidence and not with fear. The next step will be reviewing which kinds of packages to use, how to label boxes, and what safety precautions need to be in place before we ship our products. These tips will allow your cargo to be safe and lower your stress as well. As long as you do a few things by the book, then the journey from purchasing something to getting it delivered need not cause anxiety at all. Continue reading and find out how to keep your packages safe each step of the way.

Packing Your Shipment Securely

Shipping valuable and delicate items requires careful packing to avoid getting them destroyed during transport. Making a smart decision and selecting a strong shipping container, along with securing the items inside, will allow you to receive your stuff in its original shape.

 Select a durable delivery box

In this case, a single-walled cardboard box with a double-wall will suffice. In the case of heavier or less common items, a wooden crate or a metal container might be a better solution. Cover each object individually with paper and then put them in the container. Increase the use of packing material in such a way that it can completely cover all items and that it prevents movement inside the box during transportation.

Make sure you put strong packing tape over every open space of the container. In addition, do some extra wrapping with tape all around the container as reinforcement. The container should be clearly labeled with both the sender and receiver addresses as well as any other details such as “fragile.”

 Pick a courier and its service level

For cargo of great value, it would be better if a carrier that supplies tracking in real-time, as well as insurance, would be chosen. As a way of protecting your valuable items from potential loss or damage, UPS and FedEx offer a coverage plan that insures up to $5000 in value.

The next step is to put these instructions into practice by packing in a way that will allow you to relax, knowing that your cargo will be safe and sound at its destination point. When in need of a container that will serve as a highly durable and tamper-proof shipment, you might want to think of an LED delivery box that gives rigid and resilient protection for your items during transportation. These boxes would be purchased from such sites as

 Preventing Damage During Transit

 Proper Packaging

Packaging that provides excellent protection and integrity must be used when shipping valuables or fragile items. Utilize cardboard boxes made exclusively for shipping purposes, and packing peanuts or bubble wrap, as well as water-proof packing tapes, will help you avoid damages caused by drops, hits, or weather during transportation. Very sensitive items such as computers or glassware require a second box known as double-boxing (inner box with packing material in a larger outer one).

Clearly Label the Contents

Marking what a package includes and any special handling instructions will allow carriers to be informed in advance and take due care during the transportation and delivery process. Sensitive, delicate, or expensive products must be specified. You should also consider adding ‘this side up’ markings if the labels are covered during transportation. The interior packing slip listing the package contents item by item is recommended, especially in the context of high-value shipments.

 Track Your Package

The use of a carrier that enables real-time shipment tracking and monitoring is crucial in delivering a safe parcel. This way, you will be able to see at every stage of its trip where exactly your parcel is and how long the whole process takes or when you should take action in case something unexpected occurs. With certain courier companies, you can organize customized messaging and warnings to get information as soon as the status of a parcel or its destination changes.

For those who want to ship valuables or delicate items for their small business, an LED delivery box would be a better option to keep the items intact when in transit. Their unique system, which incorporates LED lighting as an added layer of protection, gives 100% assurance that your cargo is in safe hands. Try out this amazing product by visiting their website today and placing your order for an LED delivery box that will be with you on the next delivery!


In conclusion, just as we demonstrated earlier, there is a great deal of danger that your packages will be damaged by the elements or stolen during transit. Though we can be vigilant about our packing and hence control certain risks in this process, as individuals, it is difficult to control what other players in the supply chain do with the packed product. When it comes to safe deliveries, nothing beats choosing a carrier that puts safety at the top of its list as one of its priorities. Try insured shipping with signature confirmation and pay a little extra in this regard. When handling delicate or valuable goods that require extra protection or visibility, consider investing in boxes with reinforced protection features as well. When you give some thought to the risks and do a careful analysis of the provider’s reputation, you can rest assured that the packages will be undamaged upon arrival. With ensuring that the deliveries reach safely, beware that a pinch of care takes you a mile.

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