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Lighting Candles: A Better Way to Burn Fragrant Scented Candles for

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For a long time, people have been burning their candles until they’re all melted onto the side of the jar. But what if you could make your candles last longer and burn smarter? People always look at lighting candles and how to make sure your home smells good.

Scented candles are a good way to make your home more zesty. You can use them when you have visitors, if it is a romantic evening, or even if you just want to relax after a long day. But there’s more to burning candles than choosing the right kind of custom printed incense boxes. Burn candles at different times of the day. And for the right amount of time. There are some simple techniques that you can use to make candles smell better.

 1. The best time to burn your candle is in the evening or at night.


One of the best times to burn your candle is in the evening or at night. Evening is a peaceful time for you to relax and prepare for the next day. Evening is also a good time for you to unwind and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep.

The main way to light scented candles is with diffuser lighting. In this type of lighting, the lights are coming from a diffuser in the shape of a wick hanging from a string. The string can be found at your grocery store or pharmacy with a section devoted to candles.

Use your candle and string to make a triangle shape. Point the candle up at the ceiling. Hold your string below it so that it reflects off of the string and back down to you.

Put your candle against a wall or ceiling. Put the diffuser over the candle. The light should hit the back of your diffuser and go straight to your candle. If you have a candle here, light it. Then other scented candles or a new candle can be lit so the room smells nice.

You can use candles to create a halo. A halo is when the light of your candle catches light around it, including the ceiling, wall, floor, or window sill. You can do this with any type of candle but you will want to use a straight piece of white paper or a piece of wall art. In most cases, a piece on art will do the trick. To make your candle look better, put a piece of paper behind it. A regular piece of paper will work, or you can also use wallpaper or painter’s tape too.

2. Where you place your candle makes a difference in how it burns, and in its scent.

Arranging your candles will make a difference in how they burn and what they smell like. To make them burn better, arrange them in a way to make the scent stronger and the smoke smaller. Place them somewhere that is safe so that they won’t be knocked over or cause a fire hazard. Keep them away from kids or animals so that they don’t cause any problems. If you make candles at home, do not use expensive candles. Use a wax-oil blend that makes your home smell good.

You can make a smell for your home. You can use things like candles or incense. The sky is the limit, there are many scents you can choose from!

Fall is the best time to make a spa day. You can rest from your job and have a relaxing night’s sleep. Spa days use lots of fresh ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about drizzling, or two-by-fours. For a spa day, you will need only a handful of essentials that depend on where you live or how much money you have.

Paper tea candles are a good way to make your space feel like magic. But the candle wax burns quickly, and it will start a fire that will not stop. You can use smaller kindling (like gray or black) to light the candle with just one paper tea candle instead of many.

3. Lighting your candle correctly allows it to burn better and last longer.

Candle lighting is like using a magnifying glass to make leaves burn. When you use the magnifying glass, you concentrate the sun’s rays on the leaf and it burns. When you light a candle, you concentrate flames on it and it burns too.

There are many different types of candles. Flame shape is important, which refers to the way the flame burns.

There are three general flame shapes:

Pointing: If you use a wax candle – like a wax maple – then put the wick in this shape. The way it burns is different from other candles. First, the top of the candle will burn down and then the bowl will burn up. Then, the cone will burn down and then rise up to create an open flame which creates more heat than other candles.

Open flame: This shape is similar to the point-light burning. Ten percent open flame burns the fastest, and it’s also most potent. Below are the steps for an open flame-burning wax sage candle.

Pointing with the bowl: The shape on this candle creates the fastest burn. You can use it to burn the excess poofs off faster. The four steps below show point-light burning process using a wax sage candle. The tips of the candles burn down, and the bowl burns up. Then, the wax spike burns down, and then you can see an open flame that heats it even more.

Open flame by the bowl: This shape is like the other one, but you use the candle as the burning point. It is not as hot and it burns slower. You can follow these steps to make a wax sage candle:

Fill the bowl with water and make sure it does not go over any of the sides. Put some wicks in your bowl and light them up at both ends.

 4. Keep your scented candles out of direct sunlight, because heat can cause them to burn faster or unevenly.


Scented candles are good for making your home smell nice. You should not put them near direct sunlight or heat sources because that can cause a fire. If you place the candle by a window, it will let in the sun as it comes up and out as it goes down. That way, you will smell the scent even when the sun is gone.

Burning candles will make the air smokier. Sometimes it can be too smoky for your eyes or your nose. You can fix this by cleaning out the candle and kraft boxes, or you could use a diffuser so that you don’t have to waste a candle.


Do you want to get the most fragrance from your candles? Then light them before bedtime. The time depends on what you like and what you are trying to achieve. For example, in winter, when it is cold outside, candles will make it warmer and increase privacy and romance; in summer they will make it cooler and help wake up the body.



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