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Land Calculator and Different Conversion Units at a Glance

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A land calculator like the area conversion calculator is an online tool. It can help you convert square meters to square feet. You can also use the land calculator for converting different land units. 

Once you enter a unit of your property on the land calculator followed by the area unit, you can know your results in a jiffy. 

Let’s know more about the land calculator and different conversion units, including converting sq meter to sq feet.

What is a land area calculator?

A land area calculator is an online tool with the help one can convert a unit measurement of an area into another. It also includes converting ground to square feet. 

It is possible to use the area conversion calculator to convert different measurement units. They are square feet, square meters, square yards, acres, hectares, ground and more. 

What are conversion units for the area calculator?

Here is a quick look at some of the popular units that a land calculator can support: 

Square Feet 

Square feet with sides computed to 1 foot. It is a vital part of the US customary and imperial unit. Countries like India, the US, England, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and more frequently use square feet. 

Square Meter 

Square meter or Sq m is similar to square feet. Yet, the square’s side is 1 meter or 3.28084 feet. To measure area, Sq m is considered an SI-derived unit. 

Square Yards

They can be defined as the square’s area with the measurement of the sides to 1 yard or 3 foot. Square yards have been replaced by a square meter in many countries. Still, it continues to be used in India, United Kingdom, the US, and Canada. 


Hectare (HA) is known as the area of a square with a measurement of the side being 100 meters. Even though hectare is a non-SI unit, it is the only unit still in use within SI. The use of hectare is for the measurement of land’s large areas. 

They are agricultural plots, forests and more. It is the European Union (EU) that makes the most of the hectare as their primary unit. With the facility of the land calculator like the area conversion calculator available, it is possible to convert it into sq m, sq f, and more. 


Bigha is a conventional unit that India uses while measuring the area of a plot. It comes with no standard size of its own. One bigha can equal 1,500 to 6,711 sqm. The unit can equal 12,400 sq m in some places. Katha and Biswa are Bigha’s sub-units. Such units also don’t come with a standard size. You can use the online area converter to convert bigha to sq m, sq f, acre, hectare and vice versa. 


1 ground is equivalent to 203 sq m. The unit of ground is frequently in the real estate sector. Ground to Square Feet conversion is possible to measure on the land calculator.   

Other than these land measurement units, you can use the land calculator to convert Acre, Guntha, Biswa, Ares, and Kanal. 

What conversions the land calculator supports?

A land calculator like the area conversion calculation can compute different types of units, such as: 

  • Sq m to Sq f
  • Hectare to Acre
  • Acres to Square Feet
  • Hectare to Bigha
  • Square Fee to Acre
  • Square Meters to Acre
  • Bigha to Acre
  • Hectare to Square M
  • Hectare to Square F
  • Acre to Square Yard
  • Bigha to Square Feet
  • Bigha to Square Meter and
  • Biswa to Square Feet. 

Using the land calculator is simple. You only have to select the unit you want to convert and another unit to which you want your measurement in and enter the value to be converted. On selecting the ‘Click’ button you can instantly check out the results. 

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