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Joining the ipl fantasy cricket app and winning the game 

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Everybody loves to play cricket on the playground because it is indeed an interesting game. You feel highly spirited when you play this game along with your friends and companions. But today many people are playing cricket online because they cannot play this game on the ground or stadium. Due to pandemic situation, you are not able to play in public areas to maintain social distancing. You can also enjoy the game online, but cannot utilize your cricketing skills. The game is played in a different manner online. You should learn the rules and regulations of the game before playing.  Many Indians prefer to play ipl game. If you are fond of playing cricket online, then you can download ipl fantasy cricket app on your Smartphone. You can play the game anytime even when you are traveling. 

Why the game of ipl fantasy cricket has become popular?

Today, many people are enjoying the game of online cricket because they can win attractive prizes. If you understand the rules and regulations of the game, then you can win attractive cash prizes and also bonus points. Many college students are earning income playing this game. They can meet pocket expenses such as petrol, hotel bill, etc winning the game. 

How the game of cricket is played basically?

Cricket is basically a game of 11 players on both the sides. It consists of two teams namely bating and bowling. The batsmen should strike the ball to the bat cast by the bowlers. So, depending upon the throw, the batsmen can score 2s, 4s, and 6s or even succumb to wickets. The batsmen loses the game if he causes LBW, gets clean bowled, becomes run-out or if the bowler catches the ball instantly. So, the bowler should also follow the rules of the game and should throw the ball to the batsmen in an appropriate manner. The bowler should not cause wide ball, no ball to the batsmen. They should try to prevent the batsmen from scoring runs and should strive to take wickets. So, it is a game consisting of captain, vice-captain, wicket-keepers, fielders, and umpire. 

How the game is played online?

But, the game is not played in a similar manner online. The player need not use batting or bowling skills to become a winner. They should choose the best performers from the team and just watch them playing online. But, they should wisely decide the players from the team. They should choose and manage a team of 11 players.

In the game, they should select the captain, vice-captain, wicket-keeper, all rounder, fielders, squad, etc. You can enjoy the game best on your Smartphone and hence you can download ipl fantasy cricket app online and play the game whenever you are free.  But, you should select the team members who are appropriate for the role.

The captain and the vice-captain should be able to lead the team. The wicket-keeper should be prompt enough to take the catch from the batsmen anywhere. The all-rounder should be capable of batting and bowling both. You can select the most amazing performers based upon their previous scores. You can review the overall record of the players and select the most capable cricketers for the suitable roles. If you wisely decide the team members, then you can win attractive prizes. 

To win prizes, you should know the rules and regulations of the game. So, you should study various factors of the game such as the scoring pattern of batting, strike rate, bowling, economy rate, fielding and the ways to gain bonus points. 

You can play different types of ipl games online such as T20, T10, test, one-day series etc. You should study the batting pattern to score 4s, 6s, 30 runs, 50 runs for each type of game.  Also, you should know the strike rate applicable for different types of matches such as T10, T20, one-day series, test etc. The strike rate score includes different factors such as the minimum balls that should be stroke, etc.

So, you should know the rules for bonus points also. You can score bonus points if you follow the rules of the game of fantasy cricket. In cricket, the player also should know the concept of economy rate. It includes the minimum over’s to be bowled. In this game, you should know the ways to score points. Based upon the points, you can win attractive cash prizes. You should know the basic rules of cricketing and how to apply the rules to the players online. So, you can download an app ipl fantasy league to play the game at your convenience. 

To score bonus points, the players should know the wickets that should be accepted and how the bonus points are applicable for taking more than 3 wickets. If you are just a participant of game XI, you can win some bonus points. 

Knowing some ways of winning the game

In this game, you can win some attractive prizes such as cash; cash back offers, and bonuses. But, you should know how to score the best points and win prizes. Anybody can play online whether you are a college student or a jobholder. You can win some exciting prizes and cash prizes. Also win prizes if you join the referral program. 

You should invest a smaller amount if you want to play the game. If you lose the game, you do not lose much. But, if you are constantly losing the game, you can read the manual ‘How to win’. So, you can learn some winning strategies. 

You should register your name if you want to join the game. Then, you should select a match and then join the game. Then, you can create a team of 11 players that include wicket-keepers, all-rounder, 3 to 5 bowlers, and can score 1000 points and win a gem. You start earning points as you are playing the game of online fantasy. 

So, you can download the game of app for ipl fantasy league to win the game


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