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IVF in Jaipur: Process, Success Rates, and Cost

As women are becoming more career-oriented, they are also becoming infertile. Infertility is majorly due to female careerists putting off having families until it’s too late, resulting in the inability to conceive naturally. And the fact is that the older the woman, the less fertile she becomes with time. But now, with the process of IVF in Jaipur, every woman can enjoy motherhood. However, the method may sound complex and lengthy; it is a painless process and quite affordable.

If you are looking for a trustworthy hospital to get the best success rates for IVF treatment, visit Aastha Fertility Center. They have been extensively working in solving female infertility issues and have also yielded great positive results for IVF and other techniques for childbirth. 

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

IVF Treatment

If a woman is unable to conceive under normal circumstances due to a variety of reasons. An artificial method of making a woman pregnant is in vitro fertilization. IVF is a part of Assisted reproductive technology, in which the female egg and the male sperm are fertilized in a contrived laboratory environment. A patient can undergo IVF in one of the following ways, depending on their situation- 

  1. Your eggs and your parts sperm
  2. Your eggs but donor sperm
  3. Donor eggs and parts sperm 
  4. Donor eggs and donor sperm

Additionally, female donors can implant embryos in their womb. In those cases, the female donor becomes the surrogate mother and carries the baby for nine months in her womb.

According to research, live births using IVF for women below 40 years are around 43 percent, and surrogacy is a good option for those women.

What is the IVF Procedure and How Much It Costs?

The procedure of IVF is broadly divided into 5 significant steps. The steps are stimulation, egg retrieval, Insemination and fertilization, Embryo culture, and Embryo transfer. The detailed description of these steps is as below. 

1. Stimulation- 

In this stage, fertility drugs are given to the women; to increase egg production. In general, every month, women produce one egg. You may have to go through many ultrasounds to check the ovaries and blood tests for hormone levels. 

2. Egg Retrieval- 

In this process, under the influence of medicines, eggs are retrieved through the uterus. For this, a thin tube is inserted in the vagina, with a suction device over its top to take the eggs from both ovaries. 

One can also use donor eggs if they do not want to use their own or if the body cannot produce eggs. 

3. Insemination and Fertilization- 

In this stage, fertilization of the eggs and the sperm are done under artificial laboratory environments in an incubator to form an embryo.  

4. Embryo Culture Formation 

An embryo culture system is the specific combination of environmental conditions, technical equipment, and particular nutrients that embryos require for optimal growth. In other words, an embryo culture system is a way to grow embryos outside of a woman’s body. It is also the same stage where you can get a test of PGD done, which is to check any genetic disorders in the fertilized eggs. 

5. Embryo Transfer- 

Embryo Transfer is the last step of the IVF process. In this step, the embryos are placed back into the uterus. The doctor uses a thin tube called a catheter to do it. Generally, more than one embryo is placed in the mother’s womb to increase the success rate. However, in some rare cases, this can also lead to twins or triplets. 

The procedure is only successful if the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. To confirm the pregnancy, the woman goes through a pregnancy test.

What Is the Cost of In-Vitro Fertilisation Treatment?

IVF Treatment

Generally, the process is a little lengthy and complex. But it also gives a gift of parenthood to many couples struggling with infertility. 

The procedure of IVF is quite affordable as well. Generally, the cost of an IVF treatment in India ranges from 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 per cycle. But, the cost of the IVF process in the leading hospital of Aastha Fertility Center is around 65,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR.  

What Are The Success Rates Of An IVF Treatment For Females?

The success of the IVF procedure depends on the medical condition and the age of both partners, especially for females. It is because the implantation of an embryo is done in the female’s body. According to the research, it has been found out that the process is most favorable for women under 35 years. And the success rate for them is around 40- 45 percent. 

However, for women older than 40, the success rate declines by 13-18 percent. So, keeping all the factors in mind, the average success rate of the process after the first cycle is around 30 to 35 percent. 

Take away From The Blog 

For couples who are unable to conceive naturally and those who want to have a child, IVF is for you. Do not worry, as the IVF procedure comes as a rescue for you. The best  IVF center is Aastha Fertility center that has been working since 2005 with a highly qualified team of doctors and staff who are on their toes to provide their patients with the best possible solutions for their infertility issues. 

The environment which the Infertility hospital gives is highly transparent, caring, and sharing.  People worldwide have been talking about the services and the results provided by the Aastha fertility center.  Many couples from various parts of the world have contacted the best IVF clinic in Jaipur- Aastha Fertility to discuss and resolve their infertility issues.

Aastha Fertility - IVF Treatment

The IVF success rate of Aastha fertility center is approximately 90%. One can book an online counseling session with the best IVF specialist to get the right solution to their infertility issue. If you want more information about the IVF center, doctors, services, and the IVF cost of the procedures, check it out on their official website Aastha Fertility Care and book your appointment with Jaipur’s best IVF center.

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