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Is Home Air Duct Cleaning Really Worth Doing?

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The air ducts in your home become clogged with dust and dirt. You might even find cat hair, your hair, and the hair of your visitors. Basically, you can find anything in your air ducts. But where do you put all this stuff if you don’t clean it? Does everything stay where it is? These are two very good questions, but not many people think of asking these questions because they simply don’t think about the air ducts that are in their home. If they work, that’s enough, isn’t it?

Well, that’s not always enough, because there is a lot that you cannot see.

Why clean air ducts?

If you don’t clean your air ducts, whatever builds up in them will be blown back into the air. You may not be able to see the dirt and dust blowing around, but it definitely is. And where is it going? It goes anywhere in your house. It gets on your furniture, your floor, and your family’s lungs. If someone in your home has allergies, this could be a reason. If this is not the reason, the dust and debris flying around can make the situation even worse.

If you don’t clean your air ducts, they can eventually become clogged. If you find that one of the vents in your house isn’t letting in a lot of air, you can bet there is a lot of dirt hanging in your air ducts. If this continues, at some point you will find that the vents have stopped leaking air at all. This can also cause major damage to your air ducts. If they get too much stuff they can start to crack, which means you can get holes in your ducts. If your ducts have holes in them, the heat won’t travel to different areas of your home. Instead, it goes outside. This can cost you a lot of money in heating and air bills.

If your home doesn’t get as warm or cool as it should be, a lot of money is being thrown out the window. Your heating and air conditioning will continue to run to keep your home at the desired temperature.

What should I do

So what you need to do is look for air duct cleaning companies in your area. If you are concerned about its reputation, you can check for reviews of this company online. You can also ask them many questions, such as: B. What experience they have, how long they have been in the business and what methods they use. Make sure you compare prices by calling the different companies. In the meantime, compare the answers to your questions. Go to the company whose tariffs and prices you like best.

When they arrive they’ll get straight to the point. You want to make sure that you are dealing with a company that also uses safe practices so that you can do your business at home without fear of something terrible happening. You want to feel safe while these people are in your home.

It’s amazing how something so simple can make such an incredible difference in your home and in your wallet.

Why Air Duct Cleaning is a Necessity?

Most people never think about their air ducts. You may even be wondering what an air duct is and if you have it in your house. If you have central heating or cooling, you have pipes that carry that hot or cold air all over the house and come out of vents. It is the system that supplies air to your home, and if not maintained, your health can suffer.

Why is air duct cleaning important?

Imagine what is accumulating in these tubes that carry your air. Dust bunnies, insects and even mold collect in it.  It’s no wonder that many people get very sick from just this one simple problem! Black mold in particular is very dangerous and the spores can cause disease. however, most people would never suspect that their air ducts are the problem.

Those long tubes snaking through your home can either benefit or harm your health. It is particularly important for families with children with asthma or allergies to hire a company for air duct cleaning equipment on a regular basis in order to prevent illness.

How air duct cleaning devices work

Since most of these air ducts are very small, cleaning them up can be a real challenge, especially if things are sticking to the sides. For this reason, preference is given to a company that has the correct duct cleaning Asheville . The following tools are things the cleaner will use to make sure everything is clear of your air system.

An air compressor. This is necessary for almost every step in the process. It can be noisy, but the pressurized air will help clear out anything in the air ducts and make sure it’s outside.

Whips. These attach to the end of the air compressor hose and whip around wildly.
Air hose. A definite need for the air hose is what the cleaner uses to remove dirt.

Brush. This is used to brush the sides of the air duct and essentially sweep dirt, mold, and bugs out of the pipes. It usually comes with an extendable handle to reach further inside.
Vacuum. This device vacuums clogs and other objects that could get stuck in the air duct. The vacuum cleaner that the cleaner uses is very strong and has a long hose so it can reach any area of ​​the air ducts and remove any clogs or bugs that may nestle in it.

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