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Instagram Hashtags: A Guide for Brands to Stand Out from the Crowd

Instagram Hashtags: A Guide for Brands to Stand Out from the Crowd

In the happening world of social media, hashtags are more than just trendy symbols. They are powerful tools, especially for brands to connect with their target audience, get discovered, and build a strong online presence. But with millions of hashtags already out there, how do you make your brand stand out and resonate with your target audience? You’re not alone! This comprehensive guide will provide you with essential information to craft effective hashtags and reap the fullest benefits for your brand. Let’s dive in without further ado! 


Focus on Your Own Brand Personality 


  1. Embrace Your Identity 


This may seem obvious, but it is essential to establish familiarity and recognition around your brand. To make it happen, you can consider variations like #Your[BrandName]Life or #YourBrandLife. 


  1. Incorporate Your Brand Values 


Ask yourself, what makes your brand unique? Translate those values into a hashtag like #EmpoweredbyNature for an eco-conscious brand or, #CraftedWithPassion for a handmade goods shop, and much more. 


  1. Leverage Your Slogan or Tagline 


You might have a dedicated slogan or tagline for your brand. So, create yourself a hashtag like Nike’s #JustDoIt, McDonald’s #ImLovinIt, or KitKat’s #TakeaBreak. Whatever it is, a catchy slogan can be easily adapted into a memorable hashtag. 


Be Specific and Niche-Down Your Hashtag 


  1. Target Your Audience’s Interests


If you have audience demographics, it would be easy to figure out what your ideal customers are passionate about. Based on the gathered data, create hashtags relevant to their hobbies, communities, or any other interests. 


  1. Highlight Your USPs


Next to audience-centric hashtags, the features and benefits of your brand can be highlighted. Instead of mentioning #shoes, #footwear, and so on, try hashtags like #WalkOnclouds for comfortable sneakers or #ShineBrighter for makeup, etc. If you run out of ideas, take advantage of a free instagram hashtag generator and collect relevant hashtags in a matter of minutes. 


  1. Promote Specific Campaigns or Events 


You can create your own branded Instagram hashtags for contests, product launches, or collaborations like #MeettheMaker or #WinYourDreamVacation and much more to impress potential followers. 


Go Beyond the Basics 


  1. Seasonal Hashtags


Come out of your comfort zone and leverage timely trends or seasonal holidays-based hashtags to expand your reach effectively. For instance, try to combine your regular hashtags with seasonal hashtags like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and so on. 


  1. Location-Based Hashtags 


Whether you are running a local business or a global brand, you must consider including location-based hashtags. This will connect your brand with location communities that make use of relevant location tags. 


  1. Industry-Specific Hashtags 


Similar to niche, go with industry-specific hashtags to engage with industry conversations and influencers. This would take your posts to industry professionals and open doors of new opportunities in a way better than you imagine. 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Hashtags for Brands 


User-Generated Content: Encourage the participation of your followers and audience with your hashtags to gather content related to your brand. This will enhance the credibility of your products or services and build trust in your brand. 


Moderate Hashtags: It is not a good idea to add more than three words to a hashtag. This is because shorter hashtags are easier to remember and use. 


Standard Letters or Numbers: You should avoid complex spellings or symbols for wider reach. Keep it concise and easy to read for all audiences. To ease your hashtag search, simply use the best instagram hashtag generator online and enrich your strategy effectively. 


Track Your Hashtags Performance: You should have the habit of measuring the performance of your hashtags. So you can adjust your strategy accordingly and elevate your results in the future. 


Overstuffing Hashtags: Though there is no limit to the number, you are recommended to stick to 5 to 10 relevant hashtags per post. 


Irrelevant Trends: Never chase trends that don’t align with your brand or audience. Ensure that all your hashtags are related to your post in one another way. 


Banned or Negative Hashtags: You may get backfired by using banned hashtags. To keep yourself away from this, you should research carefully and protect your posts from harming hashtags that affect your brand image. 


Generic Hashtags: Rather than using random hashtags, go beyond #love and #blessed to choose niche-specific hashtags and engaging ones for better results. 


Inconsistent Use of Hashtags: To keep up the consistency, you can create a dedicated hashtag strategy and use it consistently across the platform. 


Final Thoughts 


And there you have it! These are the essential aspects you need to know about Instagram hashtags that make your brand stand out. However, don’t limit yourself to just one strategy. Unleash your creativity and mix and match to create unique and memorable hashtags that capture your brand’s essence and resonate with your audience. In simple words, the best hashtags are strategic weapons to connect with the right audience, build brand loyalty, and drive better engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Follow this guide and watch your brand stand out in the crowded Instagram landscape. Good luck 🙂

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