Immigration Under Canada Express Entry After 30 Years of Age

Immigration Under Canada Express Entry After 30 Years of Age

The Canada Express Entry System has been designed to prioritize candidates who demonstrate the ability to integrate quickly and experience economic success in Canada. It also aims to reverse the trend of the aging population in Canada even as the baby boomer generation is exiting the labor market.

Several thousands of professionals and skilled workers apply for Canada PR Visa from India through the Express Entry system every year. In terms of economic immigration, Canada seeks to accept well-qualified and young applicants having the core skills to find jobs easily.

Application Process under Express Entry System

Express Entry System manages economic immigration applications through three chief programs:

  •         Federal Skilled Worker Program 
  •         Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  •         Canadian Experience Class 

The application process under Express Entry consists of two stages. In the first stage, you have to create a profile in the system and offer your essential details. These include your language proficiency, work experience, education, age, etc. Once you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria you are entered into a pool of candidates through the program you have chosen for application.

In the second stage, your profile is evaluated according to the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System. The score that you get under CRS decides your profile ranking in a pool of candidates. Usually, the Government of Canada holds a selection draw under Express Entry once in 14 days. The candidates with the highest rankings are offered ITA – Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa.

CRS Points for Age Factor

You can get up to 110 points under CRS for age factor if you have applied without a common-law partner or spouse. 100 points are available for the couple applicants. As Canada prioritizes applicants in their youth, those in the 20s age range get the maximum points for this factor.

An applicant aged 29 years gets the highest 110 points for the age factor. These points begin to decline sharply as applicants age 30 and onwards. Only 55 points are available for those who are aged 39 years. Applicants above 45 years of age do not receive any points at all for the age factor.

Nevertheless, if you are aged 30 years and above, it does not mean that you are not competitive.

We have here outlined some strategies to optimize your score under CRS if you are aged 30 and above:

Improving Language Skills

Having proficiency in any of the 2 official languages in Canada is crucial as it offers up to 136 to 128 CRS points. Language proficiency points are divided into 4 competencies: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Each competency adds to the final score. So candidates will receive points based on their skill level in each competency.

Further, language proficiency helps in maximizing CRS score as it is capable of incurring points across several factors. This is applicable for points under Human Capital, Spousal, Skills Transferability, and Additional Factors. It implies that based on your language skills and education, you can get extra CRS points up to 50.

Evaluating the Choice of Principal Applicant

In some cases, changing the primary applicant in case of couple applicants can result in gaining extra points. So it is crucial to assess the possibility of a maximum CRS score and accordingly choose the primary applicant. If you are unable to make the choice independently, you can get help from Immigration Experts.

Get a PNP Nomination

Provincial Nominee Programs also popular as PNP are the immigration application programs of the Provinces in Canada. The PNPs aim to cater to the unique labor market demands of the Canadian provinces.

If you are successful in receiving a nomination from a PNP, you get 600 extra CRS points. It is the single maximum points allocating factor under CRS in comparison with any other factor. It almost ensures ITA for PR Visa.

Get a Job Offer

You are not required to get a job offer in Canada to file an application under Express Entry. However, it does offer you extra points. You can receive from 50 to 200 points towards your CRS score for a job offer.

Work Experience

You can increase your CRS score through work experience in diverse ways. Gaining extra work experience can enhance your score. Further, communicating the extra work experience in an effective manner can lead to gaining additional points. The difference in the allocation of extra points is based on the category of occupation you are offered under NOC.

Educational Credentials

The allocation of CRS points for the education factor varies from 250 to 200 points based on the applicant having studied in Canada or overseas. Receiving an extra degree or enhancing a current one implies immense value addition in terms of CRS points.

Alternatives to Express Entry for 35-Plus Age Applicants

Federal Self-Employed Persons Program

Individuals who are self-employed in a cultural arena or athletics or participating in these activities at the global level in the 24 months of the last 60 months can qualify for a PR Visa through the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program.

Immigration as an Entrepreneur/Investor

Immigration as an Overseas Entrepreneur/Investor is also an option for applicants above 30 or 35 years of age. Diverse programs are available for qualified businesspeople seeking to launch a new business or purchase an existing business in Canada.

Current entrepreneurial immigration programs at the Federal Level include the Startup Visa Program. Successful candidates can work and reside anywhere in Canada except Quebec Province.

Residency by Investment Programs is currently offered only by the Provincial Governments. Entrepreneur and Investment Programs of the Provinces are designed to cater to their unique needs.

So if you are above 30 years old, it is not an obstacle to immigrate to Canada. It offers you a chance to recognize your unique strengths and experiences. The value of the knowledge and maturity of an applicant is recognized by Canada. The challenges in increasing your CRS score are all worth the effort.

To check your eligibility for Canada PR Visa under Express Entry contact Nationwide Visas.

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