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How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

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Snap chat stories are pictures or movies that you can post on your profile that last only 24 hours after uploading and then disappear. People you are friends with will be able to view stories during this time, and you’ll be able to see a list of people who have viewed your stories under the View icon with their username. When a friend posts a story, it appears at the top of your feed, and when you view it, your friend will see your username in the story view.

How to Sneak A Look at Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Their Knowing:

  • Open the SnapChat app on your phone.
  • Swipe left to access snap chat stories.
  • Refresh the page to see all the stories.
  • Turn off data or Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • You can watch the story as many times as you want.
  • Only the application cache will store your legendary counter.
  • It will not be uploaded to the server because the Internet is down.
  • Know cannot enable data transfer for the next 24 hours. Otherwise, your name will be added to the story viewer list.
  • You can activate the data after 24 hours, and even if the scene of your story is uploaded to the server, the user will not be able to see it because the fairy tale has disappeared.

Another type:

If you do not want to give up your data connection for such a long time, there is another option. To do this, launch the Snapchat app and let it stay connected to the Internet for a while so that all the stories can be downloaded. Then, after about two minutes, you can switch to airplane mode and watch the story of your choice without knowing it.

Since you are not currently connected to the Internet, your view has been registered but not uploaded to the server. As soon as you reconnect to the network and this person sees your vision of your experience, it will be sent to the server.

This will not happen if you are in airplane mode and turn off Snapchat.

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