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How to Reset Centurylink Wifi Password?

CenturyLink is the second largest provider of communications in the United States. So here we are going to give you the CenturyLink Wi-Fi Password Change Tips. It offers a wide range of services, from providing IT management services to businesses to high-speed internet, to voice TV for your home.

Here are the complete steps to change your Wi-Fi SSID security key.

Step 1. Connect any device like a laptop or computer to your modem.
Step 2. Open any web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, enter the URL
Step 3: Log in to your modem by entering your administrator password. Then select “Apply”.
You can find the administrator password on the sticker on the modem.
Step 4: Select the “Wireless Setup” option.
Step 5: Select “2.4 GHz” Frequency.
Step 6: Select “Wireless Security” Option
Step 7: Click on the wireless SSID you want to edit.
Step 8: Click on “Select Security Type”.
Step 9. Select “Both” option for Encryption Type.
Step 10: You can choose the “Default” or “Custom Key” password here.
Step 11: It is recommended to create a special security key/password. Enter it in the box provided.
Your password must contain:

Between 8-63 characters.
Any number between 0-9.
Any letter between A-Z.
The nature of space can be harnessed.
Step 12: Click on Apply to save your changes.

Now your new password will be saved.

Here we provide you the complete procedure to Reset the CenturyLink router password. You can inform us about any difficulty you face during password change or any suggestion in the comment section below.

Recover your CenturyLink email account – CenturyLink Password Recovery Help

To reset the CenturyLink email account password. Visit Click to enter. Click on Forgot Password, enter your 10 digit phone number to receive the verification code > Enter your code > Confirm Click on Continue > Change your password to log in to your account.

Note: CenturyLink Password Recovery This password recovery tutorial is for informational purposes only.

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