How to Pick the Perfect Fonts for Your Custom Makeup Boxes

How to Pick the Perfect Fonts for Your Custom Makeup Boxes

It is straightforward to forget the importance of fonts when it comes to your custom makeup boxes. However, font selection should be meticulous as it determines one facet of your brand and product representation. 

Makeup packaging boxes offer many options to emulate the perfect representation of your products. They can be molded into any shape or size, meaning they can be made to fit your product’s dimensions precisely. They also provide several design and printing options that add tremendous value to your brand. 

These boxes offer many benefits for manufacturers, but it can be very detrimental for a company to order in bulk and later realize they could have used a better font. Here is a guide to help you get the perfect fonts for your custom makeup packaging on the first try!

Typography With Custom Makeup Packaging

Minimalistic and tidy fonts are greatly valued for custom makeup boxes. Many renowned brands switched to minimalist fonts as industry trends dictated. 

Here is a list of such fonts that will add value to your brand’s packaging:

  • Gotham/Adobe Garamond: This classic serif font offers a tidy aesthetic with a slight flair. Many big-name brands, such as Tom Ford and Lancome, use Gotham.
  • Brandon Texts: This sans-serif font offers a truly minimalistic look. Its sleek lines give the text a classy, timeless feel.
  • Helvetica Neue: This variation of the classic Helvetica uses slight serifs to add flair and keep a minimalistic look.
  • Optima: Used by prominent brands like Clinique, Optima is a favorite of the cosmetics industry, and for good reason. This subtle font captures the perfect chic in the most minimalist fashion.
  • Avant Garde Gothic: One of the Gothic fonts, this font portrays elegance with classy strokes.
  • Univers Narrow: A popular font choice, Univers Narrow uses thin lines with large spaces, which makes it great for covering up space. This font is perfect for larger custom makeup boxes. The width of the lines can be altered without compromising aesthetics, making it very useful for packaging.

These are a few options you can consider when deciding on a font for your custom packaging boxes.

Factors to Consider for Your Makeup Boxes 

It’s a bad decision to go through different fonts and choose one based on its look alone. When selecting a font for your packaging, you must consider several factors. These factors include your package’s color scheme, pattern, box type, and size. 

These specifications must complement the font to create cohesive and aesthetic packaging. We will discuss all the factors you should consider while designing your packaging. 

Color Scheme

The color scheme of your custom makeup boxes is essential to design. You need to make sure your color scheme fits your aesthetic. Therefore, consider the general feel you want to portray through your packaging when choosing a color scheme.

You will later decide on your font color based on the package’s color scheme, making the decision all the more critical. The most timeless options for a classy and minimalistic look are plain white and black fonts.


It would help if you decided on the pattern of the custom boxes for packaging while ensuring it does not clash with the font that will be printed on top of it. If the patterns are too abrasive, they clash with flashy fonts. For example, if the patterns behind it are too over the top, Avant Garde Gothic will not be the best fit. Moreover, if you have a font in mind, ensure it meshes with the custom patterns cohesively. 


You need to decide on a font while always thinking ahead and keeping the size of the box in mind. Some fonts are better for covering up larger negative spaces, whereas some might lose their style if made too large. It would help to use fonts like Univers Narrow to cover up more negative space, as they do not lose their style when enlarged.


 In conclusion, it would help if you chose a font carefully for your custom makeup boxes. You must make design decisions in unison with each other meticulously; otherwise, the design will not work. 

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