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How to fix Gmail settings are out of date error?

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Setting up a Gmail account in the Windows 10 mail app is very simple. you can easily set it up in your Gmail account.

But some of them may be aware of the correct procedure for adding a Gmail account in Windows 10. Because of this, when adding a Gmail account on a phone or computer. you will get Gmail related errors.

Gmail settings are out of date. Windows 10 mail error is one of them. This error usually occurs when the password is incorrect. however, there may be several other reasons for this problem. here in this article I am going to describe the correct solution to fix this. you can apply it on your devices.

How do I fix the Gmail missing email issue on my phone or computer?

  • First of all, you need to test the internet connection on your Windows computer. make sure there are no network connection errors.
  • Open the mail application on your computer and go to settings. here you need to click on your Gmail account and then update your Gmail password. now update your mailbox. Let’s see if it works fine now or not?
  • Some of you may not be able to access your Gmail account due to incorrect imap server information. So you need to update the imap server information in the mail app and then go to gmail settings and enable imap servers.
  • Remove your current Gmail account from your phone, and then re-add the account with the current settings. as soon as you add your Gmail account. please try to access your Gmail account again. It should now work fine.

So, here are the steps to fix Gmail issues. in case you are dealing with other questions. Visit the askprob blogs for more help.

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