How to estimate and sell stylish furniture?

How to estimate and sell stylish furniture?

Inheriting a family mansion or renovating your newly acquired apartment can hold some surprises. At an auction, a simple, refined chair can turn out to be an authentic Jacobsen piece of furniture and fetch a few tens of thousands. Conversely, the expertise of a cabinet signed by a renowned cabinetmaker can turn out to be an excellent imitation and be considered as flea market furniture.

Before selling an antique piece of furniture, an antique furniture appraisal can reveal all the secrets of a discreet home and help its owner know the value of their furniture.

How to sell old furniture?

An old or flea market piece of furniture can easily be resold at a low price on Le Bon Coin or from an antique dealer. Selling online or through a specialist such as Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai is the quickest way to sell furniture quickly.
Unfortunately, when the flea market furniture has not been appraised before the sale, it is generally sold at a low price. Individuals and novices will not necessarily know how to negotiate and highlight a cabinetmaker’s brand, the mastered know-how of a carpenter, or the rosewood marquetry of an antique bedside table. Selling quickly is therefore rarely a bargain on the second-hand market.

How to sell old furniture at the right price?

To sell an antique piece of furniture on the art market, it is better to take the time to estimate the piece of furniture, look for guarantees of authenticity, and highlight all its assets to sell it at the right price. An online valuation expert or even an auctioneer at an auction house will be able to recognize a period piece of furniture — even one not signed by its artist — if it was made by a great cabinetmaker such as Boulle, Jacob, Riesener, or Weisweiler. To the seasoned eye of an antiques specialist, certain signs are unmistakable!

Why plan an antique estimate before any sale of stylish furniture?

As counterfeiters have existed throughout history, this expertise will also be able to prove the authenticity of a piece of stylish furniture or reveal the deception. A beautiful antique counterfeit piece of furniture will not have a high value on the art market or an auction, but it could still be resold at a good price from an antique dealer or private individuals. Indeed, they are more often looking for a coherent style for their interior decoration rather than authentic know-how.

During an antique furniture appraisal, the advice of the antique expert can make the difference between regional know-how and more generic production, even in solid wood. They will be able to help you sell your furniture at the best price according to its style, its period, and its guarantees of authenticity.

Increase the value of period furniture

In the case of stamped furniture, its value can double every 5 years depending on its style, its craftsmanship, and its resistance to wear and tear over time. If necessary, a quick visit to the restoration workshop or a cabinetmaker recognized for his mastery of traditional gestures can restore the furniture’s character to increase its value without distorting it.

Who can appraise an antique piece of furniture?

If you suspect your solid wood bed, your old wardrobe, or your hosiery to be much more than a simple flea market piece of furniture, request a free estimate via our estimate form. Our antique furniture experts and authentication specialists will advise you on how to sell your period furniture at the best price to Used Furniture Dubai.

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