Thursday, January 20th, 2022

How To Effectively Deal With A Toxic Employee In Your Company

It is often hard to identify toxic employees during the hiring process, as many of the qualities that can make them an excellent candidate can also turn them toxic in the workplace. You must deal with toxic employees quickly before it has a snowball effect on your company’s morale and things start going downhill. You can deal with toxic employees in many ways, but you need to ensure you follow laws in place and do not isolate or harass the employee, or you can have a tribunal on your hands.

Below are some tips to help you deal with situations like these and stop toxic employees from ruining your business.

Keep Everything Documented

You will want to ensure that you document all the actions and conversations with toxic employees, so you have a record of what they do in the workplace. If you get outsourced HR support for small businesses from a reputable company, you will need to discuss the situation with them, and they will tell you to record all the actions and discussions that take place. You will need to gather as much information as possible about the toxic employee, which includes speaking to other employees in confidence about the situation. Once you have all the information, it will be time to address the issue head-on and discuss the problem with the toxic employee.

Speaking To The Toxic Employee

You will need to have a formal discussion with the employee about the situation and see if there is a way of addressing it to the satisfaction of all parties. You will need to ensure that when commenting on the employee, you focus on their behaviour and actions, rather than their personality, and expect some push back from them. You will need to highlight the toxic behaviour and inform them why it is unacceptable in the workplace and what the consequences will be if they continue their behaviour.

Set Boundaries

You will need to discuss and set clear boundaries for the employee and warn them of the consequences of crossing the line again. You can also threaten them with putting them on a performance review if they cannot improve their behaviour and remove the toxicity from the workplace. You will also need to ensure that as soon as your meeting finishes, the toxic employee does not go out and confront everyone they think is involved and claim they are the victim.

Some People Refuse To Change

You will find that some people will refuse to change their ways even with the threat of losing their jobs, and you need to recognise this situation. Some people, when confronted, will change their ways, but some will not, and in these situations, you may need to let them go. You will need to take legal advice for this situation, and you may also want to talk to someone at ACAS for professional advice. You will need to ensure you stick within the law when planning to sack someone and prevent allowing them to take you to a tribunal and bring your actions and management into question.

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