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How To Decorate a Fireplace

How To Decorate a Fireplace

Remember how we all love gatherings by the fire. It seems that the primordial joy that mankind has known since Prometheus brought the divine fire to earth is awakening in us. Agree that a living flame is unconsciously associated with the comfort of a home, where loved ones are always warm and waiting. It is the room with the fireplace, in a modern house, that serves as a place of attraction for all household members.

We would like to dedicate today’s article to the appearance of the hearth. How to decorate the fireplace in the house for the holidays. Because thematic decoration of the home hearth is now at the peak of popularity.

What holidays in the year do we honor and celebrate?

Of course, we all like New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, March 8, Easter, and birthdays. And since it is customary to decorate yourself and your home for big celebrations, and the fireplace is always one of the central figures of any interior, let’s imagine how you can revive the appearance of the home hearth.

So, we suggest starting with the first holiday of each year:

New Year

we all wait and prepare for this event with the hope that the chimes will ring, and as if by a wave of a magic wand, everything in our lives will change for the better, and the most cherished dreams will come true. What is the symbol of the New Year for us? Of course, a decorated Christmas tree in the living room! For the festive interior of your room to look stylish and harmonious. The fir tree and fireplace decor should work in tandem. What attributes can we use to decorate the fireplace:

There are Following

  • It is convenient to put a garland of artificial or living spruce branches on the mantelpiece or frame the entire hearth portal with it. It will be decorated with red satin ribbons, New Year’s toys, or charming artificial flowers that resemble a living Christmas star plant.
  • To create an elegant composition on the mantelpiece, you can use themed figurines in the form of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden, the Snowman, a sleigh with reindeer in a harness, or any animals in warm clothes. Another symbol of this winter celebration, which came to us from the USA – a glass snow globe, will also create a winter mood.
  • Candles will add solemnity, and at the same time, coziness, to your interior. They can stand in themed candlesticks, or display graphics of New Year’s motifs.
  • The main colors of the New Year: are green, red, and white. Shades of precious metals – gold and silver, go well with any color. Modern designers often use two colors – for example, blue and white, or red and gold. Applying such a decor option, you will get an elegant and elegant living room. The decoration of which will be admired by all guests.
  • Let’s not forget about lighting techniques for home decoration and bright tinsel – festive illumination will create a wonderful atmosphere.
  •    When the spirit of the holiday is flying around, don’t forget about fire safety! If your fireplace is equipped with an open hearth, pay attention to the process of decorating it. Make sure that the garland does NOT hang over the portal, and that all easily flammable objects and things are at least one meter away from the open firebox. Do not leave it unattended and protect children and animals.


in the vastness of our homeland, this holiday is celebrated on January 7. Which is exactly one week after the celebration of the New Year. Accordingly, most houses are still decorated with New Year’s decorations. Many of us have adopted the American tradition of decorating the fireplace portal with felt boots or beautiful socks according to the number of household members, in which they will all discover surprises on Christmas morning. And for wreaths also came to us from across the ocean. It is customary to hang them on the front door.

Valentine’s Day

The tradition of St. Valentine’s Day is to please and surprise your significant other. On this day, words of love and gratitude are heard everywhere. Love is everywhere! So it is not surprising that hearts, balloons, and red and pink tones are the main elements of the decor of this holiday.

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Your mantel can be decorated with an application made by yourself, or a composition of candles, photo frames, and figurines on a holiday theme. A garland of hearts of different sizes will decorate the fireplace portal, doves and angels will comfortably settle above it. Believe that there will be a place for those who love imagination. Vases with bouquets of tulips and sprigs of mimosa should of course be the main decoration of the fireplace on March 8! It is these flowers that symbolize the onset of the season beloved by many – spring.


Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. Its main attributes are candles, decorated chicken eggs, and Easter Easter eggs. Decorating eggs is a fun and interesting pastime for the whole family. Use paints, stencils, and stickers – and create a masterpiece yourself by placing it on the mantelpiece. To create a beautiful composition, you can use flowers because Easter is a spring holiday. As well as figurines of Easter rabbits and chickens.


Birthday is the main holiday of the year for every person. What about the family tradition of creating a corner of the family member whose holiday it is today on the mantelpiece? In the morning, the birthday boy enters the room – and a surprise awaits him there! How to decorate a home fireplace for such an occasion? You will need beautiful frames with photos of the birthday person, flowers, and things dear to your heart, that is, what you associate with this person. Above the fireplace, you can place a newspaper in his honor and hang a Happy Birthday garland. In general, your creativity has room to roam!

How to decorate a fireplace for everyday

So that the fireplace pleases you with its appearance not only on holidays but also every day, do not forget about the mantelpiece and keep it in order. Arrange family photos in frames that harmonize in style with the interior. A few candlesticks or just large and fragrant candles will not hurt. Favorite books with interesting owners can be comfortably placed in this place. Some potted plants are quite comfortable to settle on the hearth shelf. You can constantly change the composition, bringing in new elements, souvenirs from trips, and cute figurines.

In some houses, paintings or even a TV are hung above the fireplace, and fans of minimalism can leave the mantelpiece undamaged. This will greatly speed up the cleaning process, and someone will build a hearth without a mantelpiece at all. Designing the house is a matter of your taste! Its interior is your self-expression. We hope that our ideas will inspire you and that your home will have a decorated fireplace for the next holiday!

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