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How to Build an App Like Uber for Trucks? [Complete Insights]

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Hi! This blog will drill down to let you know how to start an on-demand truck app business. Nowadays, irrespective of the sector, the marketplace business model is the most prominent one and also the money-making business. 

From the task of acquiring users to streamlining your on-demand truck business, everything will seem pretty easy if you create an Uber for trucks app. With the ready-made Uber for trucks app, you don’t actually need to create, as it is pre-built. You will know in detail about this truck app development in the subsequent sections. 

What Is The Absolute Purpose Of The On-demand Truck App?

Either if you are aiming to scale up your truck business or just entering the truck business, then you need a perfect app for streamlining the business operations. The on-demand truck business is where the shippers will request the truck through the app. Based on this request, the carrier or truck service provider will send the truck to the specified location. 

If you create an on-demand truck app like Uber, business activities like mapping the shippers’ requests to the carriers, transactions, etc., can be carried out without any hassles.

How Does the Uber For Truck App Functions?

Step 1: The shippers and the carriers who are interested in your on-demand truck app will have to register their details on the app.

Step 2: The shipper who needs the truck service will contact or book the carrier or the service provider, through your app.

Step 3: The carrier will receive the booking information through in-app push alerts. The carrier will decide whether or not to confirm the booking. If they confirm, then a message will be passed on to the shipper through push alerts.

Step 4: With the location specified by the shipper as a reference, the driver will move on to that location.

Step 5: The overall process comes to a close when the shipper makes the payment for the truck service.

How to start an on-demand truck service business? – An elaborate description

Start drafting a business plan

Demand is the first thing you need to look up in your target region before starting out the truck service business. Uber is a pioneer and an ultimate competitor in the on-demand transportation industry. So, as a budding truck service provider, you need to select regions where Uber’s services are absent.

You can start out your business planning by knowing the demand, which is the absolute requisite. As already mentioned, examining the competitors (region-wise) is the next step. Once you get a clear understanding, you can proceed to analyze the pain points of users. 

Interviewing truck service users is a straightforward way to know their pain points and choices. In addition, competitor analysis will help you in drafting your value propositions.

Describe your value propositions

Value propositions can otherwise be termed as perks or advantages for app users. For say, developing an online truck service booking application will be helpful for users, which is a type of value proposition. Like Uber, if you provide flexible hours for your drivers, then it is a kind of value proposition. Overall, the value proposition is one that will give an advantage to the users of the app. 

Hire truck service providers

As said in the beginning, the marketplace business model is more effective than the individual business model. For implementing the marketplace business model, you have to hire partners or truck service providers. What are the ways to hire them? You can directly approach experienced and expert truck service providers and request a proposal. Once they agree, you can add them to the app.

Suppose you are interested in providing on-demand truck services individually, then you have to hire drivers. For that, you can very well make use of the freelance platforms or source them through job sites. 

Choose a partner for app development

Well, you need a partner for developing an app for your truck business. You need to look into their expertise and experience in the field of app development. Most of all, you need to decide the app development based on their region since the app developers of different regions quote a different price for app development.

Also, it is a great option to choose a ready-made solution like the Uber clone app as the app solution needs only less time to deploy.

Build an MVP

Feedback collection is an important stage once you deploy your app on any platform. Building an MVP means that your app will accommodate the staple features. At first, if you deploy the MVP, it is easy for you to know the app’s functionality on different platforms as well as collect responses from app users.

The list of features to be included in the MVP is as follows.

Registration and login

The registration is the introductory step where the app will collect the details of the shippers and the carriers or service providers. This is a one-time process. After the registration, the users can input the login details for proceeding further.


Shippers will book trucks based on their necessity for their business. All they will do is, enter the address and other details so that the driver will easily arrive at the location using the given details. Once you add advanced features, you can include the booking scheduler, which lets user/shippers book truck services in advance.

Payment system

Users can pay for the truck service once they receive the confirmation message from the carrier or after the completion of the service. 

Location tracker

Again, for the purpose of informing the shippers about the location of the truck, the location tracker feature has to be added.

Push alerts

Reminders or push alerts are essential to know the details of the bookings, payments, etc.

Booking history

At any point in time, shippers can view the previous bookings through the app’s history section.

Final thoughts

An MVP will concentrate on providing basic facilities for users. Once you are ready to scale up the app, advanced features can be added. I hope this description of the Uber for trucks app development is useful.

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