How to attract customers and improve sales on Instagram

How to attract customers and improve sales on Instagram

The topic of business development and promotion on Instagram is relevant for all marketers and business owners. In this article, I will provide tips on attracting customers on Instagram and increasing sales.

So, let’s figure it out.

  • Personal or business account: which is better for attracting clients?

Before moving on to specific strategies, it is essential to understand the basics. What is better for generating leads and sales – a personal or business profile on Instagram?

In fact, if you are 100% using the page for personal reasons, choose a personal account. But if your page is related to business, you should choose a business account.

And that’s why. With a business account, you have additional opportunities for promotion. For example, buttons so people can make a call or send a message. 

There are almost no downsides to switching to a business profile. You may notice a slight reduction in coverage after the transition, but within 2-3 weeks, everything will return to its usual levels.

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  • How to optimize your bio to grow traffic and leads.

The Instagram bio section requires regular optimization if you are wondering how to attract customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or have been using the platform for a long time.

A bio on Instagram is ten times more important than similar sections on other social networks. The reason is this. You need to buy 3000 Instagram followers to post clickable links in posts and stories. This means the bio section is the only opportunity to attract traffic to the landing page.

A biography is also essential because it helps you make a first impression on a new audience. It is important to immediately let people know who you are and how you can help them. For brands and businesses on Instagram, there’s nothing worse than a bio that’s left blank or one that only includes the brand’s name.

What to pay attention to when filling out your biography

The biography section can be up to 150 characters. The three most important questions need to be answered:

  • Who you are?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are the benefits for people?

The biography is more important for new audiences. It lets people know who you are and what they can expect. Your bio should be valuable to new visitors to your page.

Make sure you use short but punchy phrases in your bio. Be bold and creative, don’t be afraid to add emojis and don’t exclude heavy scientific terms.

To make the biography more readable, it doesn’t hurt to break it down into short sections, literally one line at a time.

Keywords in biography

People can find your page in the search bar using keywords on Instagram. But these clues do not come from the biography. The most important thing here is that they are filled in the username.

Including your name/brand name and occupation in the name is essential. For example, if you write “Andrey | Photographer”, then people can easily find you in a search and immediately understand what you do.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what or how many keywords you add to your bio. Make sure that the primary keyword that potential clients will search for you is included in your username.

How to Use a Link in Bio to Attract Leads

We have already clarified above that if you have less than 10 thousand subscribers, you can only add a link to the bio section. This is the only place that allows you to control traffic. It is essential to think over a strategy that will lead the audience to this link to provide traffic to the site.

This approach will provide you with high-quality traffic! The number of non-target users on the site will be zero. People who click on your link are more likely to take a targeted action – watch a video, subscribe to your newsletter, download a PDF, or register. Therefore, a link in the bio is a great way to generate leads.

But what if you want to promote several things at once? For example, is it essential for you to direct people to your blog page one week and for them to register for a webinar the next?

To solve this problem, the Linktree tool was previously used. In this case, by clicking on the link, people were taken to a menu where they could choose one of several options. This made it possible to add several links at once – to a blog, newsletter, video, product catalogue, etc.

Over time, Linktree performed worse and worse and is now rarely used on Instagram. It’s better to create your own Linktree-style page on your website. It is enough to place different posts or blocks with headings on a separate page, opening which people will get to the page they need.

Here is an example of one such page. The author duplicated thematic posts that people saw on her page that interested them.

There are better options than this, but it works. There are no distracting elements on the page, just simple images, each of which links to the corresponding page on the site.

It is recommended to add 3-7 links per page. If too many exist, people will most likely not reach the page they want to visit.

The advantage of creating a “link tree” on your site is that there is no intermediary between Instagram and your site. All the traffic goes to your site, and you can track how long people stay on the page, which pages they go to, and how many conversions occur.

What content attracts more attention to the link in the bio

So, we’ve covered how to post links in your bio, but what kind of content should you post to draw attention to that link?

Of course, the content will differ for each brand, but there are some general tips on what types of content work best.

First, make sure your posts stand out from other content on a similar topic. Use bold colours and eye-catching imagery. Only if the visuals stop people from scrolling through the feed will they move on to read the caption.

The key here is to use text that conveys the value of your offer. From the first line, what topic you will raise next should be clear. You can type the title in capital letters and use emoticons. It’s essential to make a strong statement.

If you add a call to action to your copy, ensure it also grabs the audience’s attention.

Here’s an example of great content to promote blog posts. Instead of saying, “Hey, I have a new blog post; check it out,” tell them what people will get from the article—some valuable advice or an answer to a question.

Test different types of content, images, texts and calls to action. Find out what attracts your audience and then use that to attract people’s attention to the link in your bio. Give people a reason to click the link. If you offer them a 15% discount if they click the link, that will also work to attract traffic.

Clickable links in posts

If you struggle and need help to include a clickable link in your posts, here’s a great tip. It works even if you have at most 10 thousand subscribers.

Let’s say you’re promoting a blog post. Give a brief overview of the post in a post on your Instagram feed, and place a text box and sticker on the image itself. Enter your username and make it smaller so the text fits behind the sticker. Now, when people click on the sticker, they will actually click on a link with the name of your page. So they will go to your profile, and there is a link to your website in your bio. All that remains is to click on it.

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