Thursday, May 19th, 2022

How PPC helped to Create Successful Digital Brands in India

India is the second-largest in the world. Brands here have a wide variety of audiences. They can target the young and the old. Many brands have gained a new lease of life or gained popularity with the help of PPC.  It allows them to create target-based ads for different audiences. Unsurprisingly, many brands in India are investing more in digital ads. By 2030, the digital ad market will touch $ 30 billion. Therefore, Digital ads will soon overtake TV ads.  Digital marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional ads. With digital marketing, many businesses have seen stupendous growth in the last few years. 

So, what makes a Successful Digital Brand?

 For a successful campaign you need to focus on seven elements:

  • Define Target Audience: For a successful campaign, you need to be very clear about your target. You don’t want to beat the wind. So, it is crucial to fix your target. You need to know details like age, interests, location, gender, and education status of your audience. 
  • Engage with your Audience: Targeting your people groups is one thing. It is equally important to focus on keeping the relationship going on. Get on social media to chat with them. Comment on posts. Answer their queries. Respond to criticisms. This way you can produce the best products. It will make your campaign successful.
  •  Brand Proposition: Your brand proposition should tell what your brand stands for. It should highlight the unique features of your company. It should also tell how your brand differs from others. Your customers need a reason to buy from you. That’s what brand position is all about. 
  • Right Medium: There are so many platforms available. You cannot run your campaign in all of them. So, it is essential to know which platform fits you. A platform like YouTube is best for longer videos. Instagram is good for visuals. Facebook is good for visuals and short videos. 
  • Content to Connect: Your content should connect emotionally with your audience. Tell a story. Images, videos, GIFs, articles are some types of content. Create content that resonates with your audience. 
  • Integrate online and offline services: Your customers should get the same brand experience across different platforms. On social media, direct your customers to your website. 
  • Improvise and Innovate: You have to change with the trends. Listen to your audience. Change your strategy according to customer needs and wants. 

Let us look at Amul’s Digital Campaign and understand why it was successful? 

Amul is a popular brand in India. People remember the brand for its creative ads.  Amul is a cooperative society from Anand, Gujarat. Its founders were Verghese Kurien and Tribhuvandas Patel. It is a dairy brand founded in 1946. It is worthwhile to discuss the elements that make their campaign successful.

Target Audience: Amul’s target audience is the middle and economic classes. Amul also targets different age groups. It attracts kids with chocolate and Amul Milk. It attracts the youth with Amul Cheese Spread.

Amul serves both B2B and B2C clients. It has unique products for restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream manufacturers.  Amul has a clearly defined target audience. It makes the brand successful. If you want to target the local audience for your brand, get the Local SEO services of a digital marketing company. 

Audience Engagement

Amul tries to interact with its audience. What they did in lockdown is a good example. Amul ran a live Facebook program about simple homemade recipes. Amul invited famous chefs to create simple recipes using Amul products.

Brand Proposition: Amul has the tagline “The Taste of India”. The tagline shows that the brand is committed to taking its products to every corner of the country. It wants to make dairy products affordable to the common man. 

Right Medium: Amul uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to promote its products. It posts its topical ads on these channels. 

Its ads feature the “Amul Girl” on social media. Amul uses current trends and news in its ads. It becomes viral on social platforms where people discuss politics. If you want to boost visibility, get the PPC services of a PPC company in IndiaWork with a digital marketing agency offering Local SEO services to target local audiences on Facebook.

Content to connect: Amul tries to connect with their audience at a deeper level. It gives its opinion on recent political events with its topical ads. One Amul ad features BTS. The Korean boy band is popular among Indian youth. Amul tries to target the youth with this ad.

Innovate: Amul has not failed to adapt to changing circumstances. During the pandemic, Amul introduced Ginger and Tulsi variants of flavored milk. Amul hopes that these products will boost immunity. Get the PPC services of a digital marketing company for creative ads.

Amul is one of the many companies in the country to have used the digital platform to drive a successful campaign.

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