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How Many Ways to Decorate Your Home Walls?

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Walls are the most important part of a house as our house has a major part that consists of walls and this part has a long- lasting impact on the mind of visitors. Whitewashed walls are not enough to have a good impact so you have to just put a little extra effort to make this part eye- catching. For this purpose, you can use artwork, wallpapers, paints and many other tricks to make it look better. The Dubai fit- out and interior design Dubai companies are providing their services related to all this you can take help from the top consultants. Some of the simple ideas are shared here to decorate the walls.

Large scale art:

Artwork is a good idea to capture the attention of the visitors or another person that is coming to your home. The art can be of varying quality like you can put the flower art, sunlight, rainy season or any other but there is another idea to put your childhood or wedding pictures into your living room. It will have a good effect on your mood and will also increase the impact of your home decor.

Wall Paint:

Painting a wall is another trick to create the minimalist look of the home decor. You can use bright or light colours with natural shades to add colours to the home design. Another idea is to use different patterns and designs on the wall with varying varieties of colours.

Rugs on the walls:

Mostly rugs are used for the floors but it is a new trick to use them on the wall. The rugs can be of different types and designs with different colours. The pattern must be aligned with the decor

and furnishing of the room to make it look beautiful. This is a different and unique idea to make a great impact on the visitors and also they are easy to clean by just with vacuum or just by washing them out.

Wall laminate:

Walls can also be made beautiful by laminating them of different colours with multiple colours & designs. The wall laminate can be done on the complete wall or just on the selected parts with the help of a consultant. These laminations are also available in natural, wooden, glossy patterns to make the wall look real and expensive.

  • Hang up mirrors:

Hanging up the mirrors on the wall is also a trend idea to get anybody’s attention towards walls. The mirrors can also be decorated with certain beads, pearls or ribbons by making some designs alongside the mirrors. You can choose the size of the mirror according to the place where they are to be adjusted and make sure the height of the mirror is ideal to look at it.


Murals are another way to make walls look beautiful and trendy. The murals can be of anything like a wall covering or you can also make the kids favourite character in their rooms to make them feel excited. The various colours used in these murals will make the entire place like it is created with great effort.


Bookshelves can also add to the beauty of the walls as the shelves can be used to put books on them. The racks can also be made to put extra items or another related essential. You can also place play station’s on these racks or can put kids toys.

Showcase antiques:

You can also hang some precious items on the walls you bought from a famous expo or showcase antiques that you got from some close relative as a birthday gift. Why hide these things you must put them in front to showcase to everyone.

Add fairy lights:

Fairy lights are another option to choose from as they can add beautiful lighting to the home without any effort. They are available in different colours and also in multi colours to look more glowing. All you need to do is to buy them and just give them an electric connection and they will light up and will make the whole room or place bright. You can also light them up in the night as a night light.

Wall hangings:

Different kinds of wall hangings can also be used as wall decorations to make a great impact. The wall hangings can be some artwork, antique pieces, or another item to choose from but they can impress any visitor.


These are some of the ideas to decorate the walls that are an essential part of any home. This process is usually time taking as someone has to first make an idea.  How to use various items. And then arrange them accordingly but when you are done you will be shocked to have such awesome output. You can hire a specialist from Residential interior design Dubai to make your walls look great and impressive.

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