How many lessons do you need to learn to drive? | Just Pass UK

How many lessons do you need to learn to drive? | Just Pass UK

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many lessons are needed to learn to drive, just like there are no pills for all ailments. The number of driving lessons for each student will be purely individual. Since the number of driving lessons depends on:

  • The age of the student at which he starts learning to drive
  • Psychophysiological perception of the learning process
  • How responsibly the student approaches driving lessons
  • The desire to learn, not just to get the rights and put them on the shelf
  • Knowledge of the theoretical part
  • Basic skills with which a student comes to Automatic car driving lessons
  • The type of gearbox, mechanics, or automatic
  • An instructor who is interested in teaching

How many lessons should there be in a driving school

The number of driving lessons in a driving school must be at least 40 lessons, lasting 60 minutes. This norm is stipulated by law, by Resolution No. 229 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the United States. This is a minimum course that will allow you to get a minimum set of skills sufficient for students who get behind the wheel for the first time after driving school. An important change from 2019 is that the driving test after completing the driving school course at the service center is mandatory in two stages:

  1. During martial law, the exam is not accepted at the Autodrome. Autodrome with the implementation of a number of elements (Slide, reversing into the garage, parallel parking, overall yard, turning in a limited space, snake, observing the signs and markings of the autodrome)
  2. City. It assesses the student’s readiness for movement in urban conditions and driving skills.


How many lessons do students need to learn to drive?

According to the driving school’s experience, a standard driving course of 40 is enough for 75-80% of students, another 10-15% take 45-50 lessons, and for those who want to achieve the maximum result, take 60 lessons.

Each student goes through different stages of learning, which he encounters in the process of driving lessons, which do not work out the first time. For example, with one student it is possible to learn all types of parking in one lesson, with another, three lessons are spent on the same parking. For the majority, three classes at the Autodrome are enough to learn the basic elements of driving a car, and there are students who, even after the 5-7 lesson, cannot leave, are afraid, get used to the dimensions of the car, learn to move, park, and maneuver. It is the same after leaving for the city, he scares some students, others feel like a fish in water. As in life, some students grasp information on the fly, others go to their success slowly but surely. As a result, both the first and second will definitely study, pass exams and get an automatic driving lesson coventry. It’s just that 40 driving lessons are enough for the first, and 50 for others. Each student has his own level of information perception, so an individual approach is needed for each student.

Why are you going to a driving school?

It is necessary to immediately decide for yourself why you are going to a driving school. In order to get a license, put it in a distant box as another achievement, or immediately plan to get behind the wheel of your car. If you do not have a car and do not plan to get behind the wheel in the near future after driving school, then there is no point in attending a driving school. Because a learned skill, without constant repetition and consolidation, will evaporate as you get behind the wheel.

The driving school is closer and cheaper

When choosing a driving school, students choose a driving school that is closer and cheaper with a minimum number of driving lessons, and try to get their license faster, at any cost, to get behind the wheel of a car and… Don’t go? Because he didn’t learn how to drive at a driving school.

Learn to drive by choosing a minimum course at a driving school

If a driving school promises to teach you how to drive in 20 lessons, of course, you should immediately avoid such a school, because out of 20 lessons, 1 lesson will go to the internal and one more to the exam in the service center, as a result, in 18 lessons you will have to learn as much , how much some students cannot learn in 40 lessons. It is clear that in such driving schools, the instructor will do everything in 18 lessons to prove to the student that he does not know anything and force him to take additional automatic driving lesson in birmingham. As a result, the cost of studying at such a driving school will increase by 30-40% and the initial savings will no longer be as rosy as it seemed at the beginning.

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