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How to Make Your Home Environment Friendly?

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead said. Sometimes you can make a great difference by playing small acts. The same is the case when we talk about interior designing, it may be the renovation of a home, office, or any other place. By just adding some little effort you can make a great difference. You can hire a Cafe interior designer for this purpose or may choose it by yourself. To save your money and time you can do it by yourself, here are some of the ideas to make your home more friendly.

1) By installing smart meter:

Energy consumption cost increases during winter and summer season both, in winter by water boilers and heaters in the summer season by using air conditioners. To maintain your energy consumption, install smart meters because you can set up the work at specific times as when you come back from the office. They do not keep working the whole day but work at specific hours. This kind of device is best for monitoring electricity consumption.

2) Energy-saving light bulbs:

In the past, people were using bulbs that need to be changed after some time like a year or more but now scientists have introduced specific bulbs that use minimum electricity and also throw good light that is not harmful to the body. Now people are using these electricity bulbs for many years due to their specificity.

3) Using Solar panels:

Scientists have made solar panels after a lot of effort. These solar panels are not less than blessings as not only government offices are using this technology but also many people for their homes. You can use multiple solar plates to divide the influx of electricity, it can be expensive at first but it will help you in the long run.

4) Underfloor Heating:

If you are fed up with using heaters and radiators in winters to keep rooms warm, underfloor heating technology is best to use. This heating can be installed both in new and old buildings easily and is not much expensive. Radiators and heaters can cause many kinds of allergies or skin infections so this would be the best solution to install underfloor heating.

5) Use wooden windows:

By using double wooden windows, it can keep the home well insulated and can help in reducing energy costs. It is cheaper as compared to the other kind of windows. Double glazed windows covered with UPVC can be toxic or polluted. Therefore, go for environment-friendly window frames.

6)Smart cleaning techniques

Cleaning and detergents are convenient to use on the first go. But can cause serious trouble once entered into the drainage system of the house. The detergents can also be harmful to the environment and it can take a huge effort to clean water when intoxicated you can use kitchen products for cleaning like lemon juice, vinegar or bicarbonate cleaning purposes, they are best to kill the bacteria and to remove the grease.


These all techniques can be used to make home or office environment friendly. It has various benefits like energy saving, convenience, less pollution-causing and less in cost above all.

Author Bio:

Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science travel outdoor adventure and Interior. . Exotic Interiors Studio Dubai is a leading design studio company offering modern trends for theme-based businesses or residential places. From design to the final finishing, the company has got your back throughout the process. . Exotic Interiors team has an exotic team to redefine your ideas and offer endless creativity for designing any place for you.

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