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Gojek Clone is helpful to start your multi-service business in one app

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On-Demand Multiservice Apps are ruling the market. Apps like Gojek have become the preferred choice of people when it comes to ordering and scheduling any tasks. The app has earned fame in just a short time by addressing people’s daily problems. Whether you need grocery delivery, a babysitter, tutor for the kids, need a package to send, a housemaid to do the chores, Gojek App handles everything flawlessly. No doubt the entrepreneurs are showing keen interest in developing an app like Gojek.

What Is Gojek App?

Gojek App was launched in Indonesia in the year 2015.

It initially started with 20 delivery drivers offering delivery services to the locals. Gradually the word got out and it showed the increase in the demand for various types of deliveries. Eventually, the app started offering different kinds of delivery services like Food, Groceries, Handyman services, and more.

Today the app has crossed 1 million downloads and the number is on the rise. You won’t find a single smartphone with the Gojek Application in Indonesia.

The Gojek app is prospering and presently serving in various Asian countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Bangkok, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The prosperity grew more when Gojek  Application saw brands like Visa, PayPal, Facebook, Telkomsel invested in the app.

Developing Gojek Clone App For Your Businesses

Gojek Clone has is inspired by the original Gojek. The Gojek Clone Script carries similar functionalities and New Features to enhance your multiple services business.

It is a single application presently available in the market that is offering 70+ On-Demand Multiservices.

People these days are looking to buy their stuff quickly. Mobile apps like Gojek have provided that comfort and convenience where they can take care of any tasks.

Gojek Clone App is a profitable business that the app owner will start to rake in the profits.

If you are looking to venture into a service-based market, developing an app like Gojek can be the best way to do so.

How Gojek Clone App Can Be Helpful To Your Business

The App Makes More Sales

Today’s customers will prefer using a smartphone to buy anything. Researches suggest that majority of the searches and purchases are made on the go.

Thus, it is the right time to have your Gojek Clone App to be in front of your customers.

Gojek Clone is quicker, easier, and interactive compared to other apps. Having 24/7 access to your app will nudge your customers to make a quick ordering, or scheduling the services.

Features To Stand Out From Crowd

To stand out from your competitors you will need New Features.

Having implemented an out-of-box feature will make your app look unique and can easily beat the competition.

These are completely New Features that can quickly grab the attention of the customers. Thus helping you to capture a larger part of the market share. By the time your competitors could compete with you, you would have by then, effectively manage to build a stronger customer base.

Offer Instant And Better Customer Service

In-app Call Chat support allows you to provide best customer services. Furthermore, enhancing your customer engagement that ensures your customers are happy and get the resolution within a short time.

No matter whether you are offering On-Demand delivery services like food, and groceries or having service providers selling Spa services the need to connect with the customer care can arise anytime.

In-app Call/Chat support feature within Gojek Clone App can make a huge difference in the way you provide them with the resolution.

Provides Valuable Insights

The robust, dynamic Admin dashboard panel offers “God’s view” that offers real-time assessments of the entire business activites. The analytics and reporting feature in the Admin panel offers detailed insights into your users.

The common metrics tracked include:

  • Which services are picking up and which is failing
  • How many daily, weekly, monthly users are coming to your app and order
  • Gain insights into your user’s demographics such as age, gender, their devices, etc.
  • How many downloads and uninstall

Feedback For The Improvement Of Your App

Getting feedback and ratings helps know the gaps within the app as well as why your customers are unhappy.

Integrating feedback and rating features will always help you to work on the loopholes. It is not about negative remarks but, getting great feedback and ratings will further help you in enhancing the services, offering a personalized shopping experience to your customers.


In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to improve your On-Demand Multiservice business or venturing for the first time – Developing Gojek Clone App can be the right fit.

Today the majority of the traffic is powered by smartphones. Thus, getting an app like Gojek for your multi-service business will put you right ahead in the race, offering innumerable benefits.

Also, from the branding perspective to offering better and quick customer services, to marketing there are hardly any departments left out in your business that won’t benefit from Building Gojek Clone App.

Now, all you need is a reputed app development company to provide you with the Gojek Clone White-label Solution. The app development firm that you are shortlisting, should have atleast 1000+ apps successfully installed in the Play Store/App Store. Moreover, the app development team should be able to answer all your doubts and effectively show you how your Gojek will look like by giving you the demo. The provided app should be a licensed source allowing you to make changes accordingly.

Connect with the app development company in India today to get the Best Gojek Clone App of your choice available within the budget.


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